Loïck Peyron at the helm of Corum’s sailing sponsorships

By MyWatch
The June 9th 2011 – The press gathered at the Corum Boutique in Geneva to share the feats accomplished by brand ambassador Loïck Peyron in the Barcelona World Race aboard Virbac-Paprec 3. The evening was highlighted by two major announcements: Corum CEO Antonio Calce officially appointed Loïck Peyron Brand Advisor for all sailing sponsorships; and also announced the creation of a new model with an unprecedented regatta function to be launched in 2013.
Corum CEO Antonio Calce still remembers his first encounter with Loïck Peyron in 2009: “I identified several potential avenues of cooperation with Loïck. As Corum ambassador, Loïck would naturally enhance the brand’s reputation through his global visibility. But we do not choose personalities merely to build upon their image, but rather to capitalize on their competencies. I thus submitted to Loïck a proposal for a broader form of cooperation. Above and beyond his role as ambassador, I suggested that he help guide our choices and our presence in the sailing world, and take part in setting up these events. He agreed!”
On June 9th 2011, Loïck Peyron was officially appointed Corum Advisor for all the brand’s sailing sponsorship projects.
A peerless sailor with three around-the-world races to his credit, Loïck Peyron is also closely involved in the development of a new Corum watch with a regatta function. On the very day of the announcement, he had indeed met with the company’s watchmakers, movement design engineers and designers in order to begin work on creating a genuine navigation instrument, a professional watch with new horological substance.
“There is currently no mechanical regatta watch on the market that meets the demands of all competitive sailors for race stars. Today, I met the key people at Corum in order to give them a chance to experience a real-life race start situation and to imagine the circumstances in which I find myself when in competition. Based on the tactical elements and ergonomic requirements that must be taken into account during regattas, we have drawn up a set of specifications including the technical characteristics that the Corum watch must incorporate. It was a truly enriching experience to meet the engineers and watchmaking developers, and to be confronted with the mechanical issues and to translate real needs into horological functions. I look forward to spending time on this project as a member of the Corum family” said Loïck after the work session.
The launch of the Admiral’s Cup model that will house the regatta function is scheduled for 2013. The ambassador and from now on Brand Advisor will wear this watch in all the regattas in which he will take part in the future.
  • Loïck Peyron is now the Advisor for all Corum sailing sponsorship. As an ambassador of the brand, he will wear the Admiral's Cup with regatta function to be unveiled in 2013.