The world’s most beautiful resort

From Davos to Formentera, from Lipari to Santa Barbara, The Brando conquers everyone’s heart. This extraordinary resort, dots a dreamy atoll with 35 villas of great luxury. Removed from the rest of the world, it offers all Tahiti’s magic with Marlon Brando’s spirit who found there more than happiness.

By Jean-Pierre Chanial
The Brando

The actor fell in love with the beautiful Tarita, lead actress of Mutiny on the Bounty shot in Tahiti in 1962. As much enamoured with the charm of French Polynesia, he bought Teti’aroa, a wild atoll and its twelve islets, 53 kilometres north of Papeete.  There, the couple hid their passion, their children and their dreams of an Eden of another world. “My spirit always soothes when I imagine myself at night, sitting on my island in the Pacific,” Brando said. The dream lasted until 1990, when the Hollywood star came back to Los Angeles to live as a recluse in his villa of Mulholland Drive.

My villa

A stars’ symphony

Since 2014, Teti’aroa shines again with its luxury eco-resort housing Brando’s spirit. He who dreamed of a planet protecting the environment, of men living in harmony with nature, of a society soothed and able to marvel at the blues of dawn lining a lagoon and the golden hues of the sunset preceding the stars’ symphony and the soft tropical nights. He who confided that, if he had the power, Teti’aroa would stay a place recalling Tahitians who they are and who they were centuries before. In a sense, he succeeded.

Time to swim

Coconut trees, pandanus et filaos

The Brando was designed in full adequation with the actor’s utopia. Adopting his vision, the resort powers its air conditioning with sea water drawn from high depths at 4°C – here at 935 meters deep, 2.5 kilometres away from the coast. In addition, 2,400 solar panels are set along the landing runway. And finally, the resort protects many species like turtles, black noddies, terns, frigatebirds, egrets or curlews. In order to offer to its guests a Robison like journey, this realms of 6 km2 ornate with coconuts trees, pandanus and filaos, holds only one hotel. The rest of the atoll is entirely unoccupied.

Matt, Leonardo, Bradley

Every requirements are met. Each of the 35 villas offers a tranquillity of hundreds of square metres, sports a private pool and opens on the lagoon’s marvels, unveiling its colour palette of greens and blues.

The view from my villa

Flat screen, WiFi, terrasse, extra-large beds, elegant bathrooms, bicycle – or cart upon request –, and of course butler here to meet any of your request. A question, a wish, a pretty folly, done! We clearly would stay a bit longer if we could. Moreover, many of the stars conquered by the resort – the Obamas, Lady Gaga, Leonardo DiCaprio, the Monacos, the Piccards, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper – extended their stay, guaranteeing they never found a better place to sooth one’s inner self, far from the lights and stress of celebrity.

As you wish

In Polynesia, the spirit of Teti’aroa is called “mana”. From all eternity and still to this day, it has protected the atoll, offering strength and kindness. Born from the telluric fires, it releases its positive vibes into the air, intertwining with the graceful flight of the sea birds.

The atoll is a paradise for birds

The resort’s philosophy is that everyone shall do whatever they want. Each day, a new exploration of the atoll is offered. You can follow the baby turtles on their first journey to the sea, learn about corals, fishes, copras, starfishes or how to recognise the different species of birds, discover the above ground kitchen garden and the beehives that produce the honey served at breakfast, applaud at the rainwater collector, pick flowers of hibiscus or frangipani to braid a Tahitian flower crown…

The resort shelters a turtle protection centre

Mahi-mahi, uru, chevrettes

After all these adventures, a break at the 2000 m2 Spa or at the gym. Then a nap, amazing tropical necessity, before reserving a table at Les Mutinés. The gastronomy restaurant (extra-charge) is looked after by the starred chef Jean Imbert, the Plaza Athénée chef in Paris. 

The restaurant, under the eyes of Brando and Tarita

For something more casual, Bob’s bar is the perfect place. Cocktails and simple dishes ravish your palate while the lagoon ripples almost at your feet. To vary the pleasures, go to the Japanese grill with its open kitchen right in front of the tables. The Beachcomber café, realms of Polynesian delicacies, will bewitch you with its coconut milk raw fish, mahi-mahi (sea bream), grilled pork, uru (breadfruit), chevrettes (shrimps) or Huahine vanilla desserts. Do not hesitate to ask for a romantic diner, served in your villa or on the beach. Due to the clientele, this delicacy is obviously guaranteed.  

My room

Celebrities in Teti’aroa

Hush. The intimate atmosphere of Teti’aroa – paparazzi are stuck in Tahiti – and the discretion ensuing are one of the resort’s cardinal virtues. Rare are the weeks where a celebrity does not come with family or a significant other. Then, with lips sealed and your iPhone staying in your pocket, you become yourself a celebrity for a while. In an Eres bathing suit, Dior or Gucci sunglasses on your nose, you embody the perfect casualness, with the calm smile of those who escaped from the burden of glory with no care on the cost of such delight – around €15,000 for three nights.

Along the beach the villas seem to be lost in nature

Top step of the podium

All of the most discerning hotel rankings include The Brando in their top 3, often putting it on the top step of the podium. Which makes sense. The mana of Teti’aroa, the spirit of Marlon Brando, the nature’s striking beauty and harmony, the happiness from being almost in Heaven on earth… all concur to give this place its rightly earned reputation of world’s most beautiful resort.

Alone on my beach

Getting there. Daily flights between Paris and Papeete with Air Tahiti Nui or Air France. A 22-hours journey, stopover in Los Angeles included (ESTA procedure mandatory). Around €1,500 in Economic class, and €5,500 in Business class. Then, a 20 minutes flight with Air Tetiaroa, the resort’s flight company.

Staying there. The Brando, between €4,000 and €5,000 a night in a villa for two persons, everything included.
Phone number: 00 689 40 86 63 00