Refined Singapore

Exceptional location, refined services and sophisticated atmosphere. The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Singapore masters the art of fusion. Chinese traditional refinement, modernity and stary dreams intertwine to create a perfect combination.

By Jean-Pierre Chanial

Covering a whole section of the rooms at the Mandarin Oriental (MO, for initiates), the floor-to-ceiling windows overlook the spectacular world unique view of Singapore.

Six glass elevators distribute the floors

Right in front of you, the park Garden by the Bay, an artwork of 100 hectares made of greens and glass. In this haven, you’ll find an equatorial forest, an orchid glass house – with more than 1000 species –, waterfalls and giant palm trees. The whole will serve as the background of the F1 Grand Prix that will be held 22 September 2024. On your left, the Giant Wheel, 165 meters above common men, shines as soon as the night falls. On your right, the amazing Marina Bay Sand rises with its three towers, 245 meters each, reunited at the top by an unimaginable 150 meters swimming pool. A UFO prised by all the city’s refined soirées. And, afar, the ocean, where the cargos are waiting for a place at the biggest harbour of South-West Asia. Add to these a thousand lights, screens, lasers and other multicoloured whirlwinds, Singapore’s show is truly magnificent.

Small outdoor patio

Holding 510 rooms and 23 floors, the Mandarin Oriental offers to its clients a direct view on this spectacular show. Echoing the success of the city-state, harmonious lines and curves of the glorious buildings imagined by great architects and creators, fusion with nature and city lights.

The view from my room

The Suites of the Hotel open on a small outdoor patio. A high table and its two chairs concur at inviting you to relax and enjoy the post card view. A drop of champagne, a night full of stars, and you’ll be close to heaven.

The Presidential Suite with balcony

Sublime sanctuary

The lobby had already set the tone. Marble, lights, Buddha statues and flower paintings enrapture the visitor and concur to create a sanctuary of luxury.

Artistic florals

In no time, the six glass elevators lift you to your room or the restaurants. Your suitcase can wait to be unpacked, there is simply too much to see. Each residence has its own colour palette: lagoon blue, indigo, magenta, gold, navy blue… The cushions’ embroidery, the wall panels, the belts of the bathrobes… all match the chosen palette. A dream made of refinement and splendour.

Flowers and a smiling Buddha, you are more than welcome here.

Hot hotspot

The Spa’s entrance, a promise to relaxation

The Hotel fills you with possibilities. Two pools, an outside one, wide and open to the Equator’s dense humidity, and an inside one with women-only hours. Five restaurants: a giant buffet – sea themed with hoisters and langoustes, a success –, a Cantonese kitchen obviously, a Japanese, an Italian, and Morton’s – an American reference, perfect spot for meat enjoyers. And let’s not forget, an elegant tea room and a bar, hotspot for it-girls and it-boys.

The patisserie will tempt you with its macaroons

The spa and the gym will ravish those in search of serenity or stamina.  In addition, you’ll find a hideout for business people in need of discretion or enamoured lovers. You will soon want to spend your life here.

The outside pool

Cocktails robots

Always in renewal, the Hotel’s charms could make you forget Singapore and its 5.9 million people swirling around. The neighbouring shopping centre, the park of thousand wonders, the promenades on the river sliding below, the Chinese neighbourhood indifferent to the passing time, the delightful farmers markets, the bars where robots prepare cocktails… everything is surprise and enchantment.

A glass at the MO bar to admire the skyline of Singapore

Gourmet Agorae

On a perfectly clean Avenue, glides an electric 4×4. On the walls, between floods of glamourous advertisements, giant screens display F1 racing cars, Taylor Swift’s recent concert, the stock market prices or the hour of the next rain.

Then, all sails to the ice cream museum, to eat frozen delices at your heart contempt, or to the aquarium with its 800 species and 100,000 inhabitants. Sentosa or Changi’s beaches on the side, a bicycle for the ride, and then a food court to refill you after all those adventures. At the heart of a circle formed by food stalls, Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian and Vietnamese food fry and simmer. You grab anything you want. Here a soup, there spring rolls, then a gambas or chicken brochette with peanut sauce, and finally you seat yourself at a table dotting the centre of this gourmet agorae. Add to all of these the pleasure of chatting with your neighbour, I promise you, you’ll want to come back.

More than a simple stopover

The night falls fast and, as always, at 18 o’clock. A rainbow stripes the dark stormed sky, suspending time in its tracks. Its palette of bright colours strides above the urban whirlwind, calling you to stop for a while and admire Singapore in a new light. The city brightens with neon and desires, and fully reveals it is more than a stopover but a true destination.

To go there. Direct flights with Air France and Singapore Airlines. 12 hours of flight and 6 hours of jet lag. No visa required for French people. From €1,100 (with return ticket) in Economy, to €4,500 in Business.

To stay there. Mandarin Oriental, around €500 a night for a double bed chambre, breakfast included.


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