Bordeaux, be prepared for Burdigala!

Another hotel in the wine capital of the world? Yes, but not just any hotel. Join us on a tour of a unique and elegant 5-star hotel whose mission is to bring people together. No flashy displays or veneers here.

By Jean-Pierre Chanial
The façade of the Hotel Burdigala

Six months after opening, the Burdigala has become the centre of attention in Bordeaux. There were early signs of this hotel’s success, and now it’s near impossible to get a table without a reservation at Madame B, the hotel’s restaurant, and Émilie Depierrois – the hotel manager – is overjoyed. In her eyes, this is proof that credit is given where credit is due.

Burdigala, a rare find

The foyer of Hotel Burdigala

From a diamond in the rough to a paragon. Set against the backdrop of the drab concrete buildings, characteristic of the Mériadeck neighbourhood, and not exactly in the city centre, the Burdigala wasn’t exactly set for success. In a city like Bordeaux, where most of the sights are walking distance from each other, the Burdigala is a twenty-minute walk from the Cité du Vin (the museum of wine and cultural centre), the quays of the river Garonne, the reflecting pool, the Saint-André Cathedral, the Opera house, or the rue Sainte-Catherine – the pedestrian street lined with fantastic shops. Even the name was a quirky choice: Burdigala, who would have guessed that it was the original name given by the Romans to the city that would one day become the wine capital of the world. However, after two years of construction, and a couple million euros later, the Burdigala has reached a standing that other establishments in the city only dream of. A bold vision, shrewdness and intuition has propelled this contemporary hotel to the very top, becoming Bordeaux’s new “it” place.

The atrium with its bar and its tearoom.

Striking beauty

The building’s five-storey façade is the first clue as to where the centre of Hotel Burdigala’s charm resides. With no terrasses or balconies for the 83 rooms, the Burdigala’s true beauty is on the inside. As you enter the establishment, you will be struck by its prodigious elegance.

Trendy and delightfully comfortable.

The spacious atrium houses a tiny reception desk, a massive bar adjoins the cozy lounge, sprinkled with snug niches – perfect for whispering secrets to each other – slim tables ideal for intimate co-working, and a glorious winding staircase is just the icing of the cake. Absolutely enticing. The colour pallet plays a major role in creating a sense of calm: amber, creme, tobacco brown, anise green, and chocolate. Bravo!

A bathroom fit for a star.

Elegant yet homey

The rooms and suites (there even some duplexes) of the hotel also evoke a sense of serenity. The bedding is extremely comfortable – after all, a hotel’s primary purpose is providing rest – the rooms boast a dapper interior design, the decoration is conscientiously arranged with each painting and ornament being neatly placed, there are plenty of placed to plug in your phone or laptop, and the heavy curtains tie the space together. Émilie Depierrois – always dedicated to her work – holds that one should ‘feel at home here’ and she certainly has made this a reality.

One of the rooms at the Burdigala.

A taste of gianduja ice cream

The spirit which animates the hotel Burdigala, and I’m convinced that it exists, is a blend of warmth and friendliness, isn’t complete without its restaurant, Madame B. In just a couple of months it has become Bordeaux’s most sought-after gourmet scene, and their menu is unique and the dishes bursting with intense flavours.

Chef Grégory Vingadassalon.

The menu is organised around two concepts: simplicity and creativity, with the number four as its guiding principle. Four entrées, four main dishes, and four deserts. Chef Grégory Vingadassalon masters the art of gastronomy, and always surprises us with the ingredients he brings back from the market. This goes without says since he was a disciple of the revered French Chef Alain Ducasse and worked at the Hotel Toiras, a 5-star hotel on the Ile de Ré.

Welcome to Madame B.

Reservations are crucial if you want to be one of the forty people who have the privilege of savouring the trout filet with salsify, the cod-avocado fusion, or the gianduja ice cream with apple and celery.

The scrumptious Madame B restaurant.

Des trouvailles

Finally, let us take a moment to commend the Burdigala for breathing new life into the art of hospitality with its innovations. On the ground floor, there is a haven for bookworms. A felted atmosphere with deep armchairs, perfect for intimate conversations about love, or perhaps it’s a place to regain your poise before a tense contract signature. There’s also a game room where gamers can compete for the best score, complete with controllers and massive screens. Whatever your style, the Burdigala will provide.

The Burdigala’s game room.

A private cinema

Our last stop is through the door at the end of the atrium. As you press down on the handle, let you imagination overflow. Could it be a resurrected speakeasy, a VIP lounge for cognac lovers, a cabinet of curiosities full of exotic, never-before-seen relics? Well, you would be right on all counts, since the door opens on the suite-exclusive private cinema, where disbelief is suspended for a moment’s time. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your favourite television program or DVD on the colossal screen. Choice.

Inside the private cinema.

Émilie Depierrois relishes the idea of organizing wine-tasting events – we are in the heart of wine country! – as well as product launches, film previews, and replays of sports events in this singular space. A chic ambiance in a refined establishment whose mission is to bring people together, look no further if ever you visit Bordeaux! Burdigala’s five stars will guide the way.


Hôtel Burdigala, 115, rue Georges Bonnac 33000-Bordeaux, FranceFront desk: +335 56 90 16 16

Double bedroom starting from €200 per night.
Madame B Restaurant: prices range from €25 to €55 for a meal.