Partnership at the top for Corum

By MyWatch
Willpower, performance, a quest for perfection, Switzerland and the Neuchâtel mountains: these are the five values now sealed by the partnership between skiing legend Didier Cuche and the Corum watch company.
At 36 years old, the Swiss skier continues to proudly fly the national flag. His track record is breathtaking: a world championship title and an Olympic medal, four World Championship race medals, six crystal globes, 60 World Cup podiums and four victories in the prestigious Kitzbühel downhill event. Didier Cuche is one of the highest performing, most outstanding and most highly appreciated skiers on the circuit. Perseverant, perfectionist and rigorous in his approach to his sport, he has taken his career to impressive heights while systematically recovering from multiple injuries, determined to transcend his own limits. The Swiss champion has now decided to share his values with Corum.
This local partnership is part of the overall international positioning strategy adopted by Corum, which has also chosen Loïck Peyron and Ben Ainslie as its top-flight ambassadors. Didier Cuche is guided by the same passion for performance and surpassing oneself. The ski champion, who lives just a stone’s throw from the company headquarters, immediately sensed a connection with the Corum philosophy. His encounter with Antonio Calce revealed a wealth of professional and personal affinities that enable the brand to consolidate its regional roots and its national influence.
Didier Cuche has naturally found in Corum the same keys that opened the doors to success in his own career. First and foremost, the quest for precision which leaves nothing to chance: the precision of the brand’s timekeepers echoes that on the ski runs, where every hundredth of a second counts. Technical mastery is also crucial, and the kind that enables Corum watchmakers to create masterpieces of mechanical miniaturization is indeed reminiscent of the skier’s mastery of the most challenging descents. Other key common factors include concentration, as well as meticulous attention to details, and of course regularity. Didier said: “I see in Corum the same motivation I feel in my discipline. I devote 550 hours of physical preparation and 200 hours of skiing to competing in just 45 minutes of downhill racing per season. The time I spend on training and preparing my equipment reminds me of that taken by the company watchmakers in creating their watches. We are driven by the same desire for perfection and the same determination to perpetually set ourselves fresh challenges. Moreover, Corum is an essential local player that contributes to the economic and historical development of my region. I am therefore naturally enthusiastic and proud to be part of this family.”
Didier Cuche’s willpower and generosity immediately appealed to Antonio Calce and the Corum personnel. “We capitalize on people with tried and tested credibility, yet whose pleasure in exercising their talent and the respect they show for their peers and their competitors are the hallmark of a unique and endearing personality. Didier Cuche is exactly that kind of person. His charisma and his generosity are a perfect match with our brand image. The passion and all-conquering spirit that we share will doubtless contribute to writing a new chapter in our history”, said Corum CEO Antonio Calce.
  • Shared values sealed by the partnership between skiing legend Didier Cuche and the Corum watch company.
  • Antonio Calce - CEO of Corum - and Didier Cuche admiring the work of the watchmakers of the House.
  • A partnership under the banner of ‘Swiss made’ performance.