The Calibre Royal has arrived in Paris !

By MyWatch

The first collections of the now famous Calibre Royal are available in Paris. The Calibre Royal is neither a copy, a replica nor an adaptation, and takes no inspiration from other watches; it is a genuine horological innovation. The engineers, master watchmakers, management and the whole team at the Pequignet Manufacture are pleased to announce that we took on the challenge…and overcame it. The first collections of the Calibre Royal arrive in Paris on 28 May 2011.

A few figures : the Calibre Royal comprises 318 components, 316 of which are from the “Pequignet Manufacture”, and required 279 technical drawings, over 20,000 measurements and 150 tools or matrices for the production in addition to 8 international patents.
In brief, the Calibre Royal is a new concept and represented a gamble in terms of Haute Horlogerie: a real feat to integrate all the complications in a 13 ¾ initial main plate with no additional module.
This entirely new watch concept combines elegance and complexity, reliability and precision. The Calibre Royal is the solution to 2 long-standing problems in watchmaking: the issue of torque/wear and the problem of size/watchmaking complications and reliability.
3,000 Calibre Royal watches will be produced in 2011, and the demand from the major markets around the world is as significant as the watch itself. Although the Calibre Royal is a technical achievement, it is also a symbolic event : the birth or renaissance in France of Manufacture-produced Haute Horlogerie.
It also marks the birth of a new segment offering complex Haute Horlogerie at a unique price.
  • Péquignet - Rue Royale