A Bell & Ross watch for men of the GIGN

By MyWatch
The exceptional men and women of the National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN) specialize in combating terrorism and organized crime. United and experienced, they are the National Gendarmerie’s elite unit and are at the forefront of international high-risk operations. Having decided to create a watch bearing their insignia and embodying their values of cohesion and professionalism, the GIGN naturally approached Bell & Ross to produce this special edition.
In France and abroad, the GIGN’s « Super Cops » confront extremely dangerous situations. The missions they are sent on require total commitment and special training. Their equipment must be ready to face every danger.
Bell & Ross is a designer of functional instruments for professionals working under extreme conditions and manufactures watches with a high level of reliability that are recognized for their unparalleled qualities: easy-to-read, functional, precise and water-proof. This makes them perfectly suited to the needs of the GIGN. For these professionals, a watch is not only a tool to assist them in their work, it is also a constant ally and part of their identity.
Air force pilots, bomb-disposal experts, professional divers and counter-terrorism experts already work with the Bell & Ross brand, which is proud to be producing another prestigious product for the men and women of the GIGN whose values and courage inspire respect.
Bell & Ross has always designed watches for professionals and its creations are based on an immutable principle: functionality drives design. The clean lines of the watches in the Instrument BR collection – which have become the brand’s iconic models – authentically echo the design of a plane’s cockpit clock. Designed for men of action looking for precision and ruggedness, they are extremely readable as well as highly reliable.
The 42-mm diameter BR 03-92 is a functional watch par excellence, the ideal, discreet tool for professionals for whom each second may be a matter of life or death. Perfectly readable day or night because of its matte black dial, anti-glare sapphire crystal and imposing photoluminescent hands, the BR 03-92 GIGN is also water-resistant to 100m and powered by a high-precision Swiss mechanical movement with a power reserve of 40 hours. Simple and discreet, it is fitted with a black rubber or heavy-duty canvas strap guaranteeing durability and comfort.
The dial of the BR 03-92 proudly and elegantly bears the GIGN insignia, placed at six o’clock. More than just a logo, this emblem is the symbol of membership in the National Gendarmerie’s elite. It is built on six core values:
• The circle represents the cohesion of the operational unit and its ability to tackle every aspect of a crisis situation.
• The crosshair symbolizes the primary discipline practiced by members of the GIGN: shooting accurately and effectively.
• The parachute, which is inside the circle, represents the GIGN’s membership in the military family of airborne troops.
• The blue of the emblem’s background is a subtle reminder of the unit’s skill and ability underwater.
• The carabiner represents the elite unit’s skill in various high-risk climbing techniques including the hazardous practice of rappelling.
• The two stars between the words « Gendarmerie » and « Nationale » symbolize the « second generation » GIGN after the 2007 reforms.
Produced in a limited edition of 200 units and engraved with a three-letter acronym or certification number of each recipient, the BR 03-92 GIGN instrument is exclusively available to members of the Gendarmerie Nationale’s elite unit.
  • The BR 03-92 GIGN : Case in satin-brushed steel (42 mm diameter) water resistance of 100 meters, and automatic movement.
  • Caseback of the BR 03-92 GIGN.
  • GIGN patch.
  • Man of the GIGN.
  • BR 03-92 GIGN.