A splendid summer signed, Serpenti

Bulgari demonstrates that its leather goods are just as creative, colourful, and glamorous as its high jewellery. This summer, these sophisticated jewellery handbags are splashed with opalescent hues, evoking white sandy beaches.

By Florence Halimi

For Bulgari’s High Summer 2024, the Serpenti motif reigns supreme, after more than 75 years as the Roman Maison’s emblem. Present on every item in the new ‘Italian Escapade’ collection, the snake slithers through leather goods, accessories, and wickerwork handbags.

Just as the Serpent Constellation shines overhead on warm July nights, these Serpenti leather goods reveal themselves to be a savvy blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge techniques, asserting their renown and iridescent shine.

Serpenti Forever Bags – €3,400 and €2,450.

Whether it’s choosing the perfect dye, applying films, sandblasting or pearl powder spraying, Bulgari is the finishing maestro. The Roman Maison is also a virtuoso when it comes to making its accessories practical, versatile, customisable, as well as supremely aesthetic. The adaptability of theses bags – long chain or shorts chains, you can easily switch from hand-held to over-the-shoulder with their detachable handles and shoulder straps – keeps you fashionable from dawn’s first light to the long summer nights.

Bulgari Serpentine Pouch – €3,400.

Summer colours

Bulgari’s summer pallet is substantial with its sandy tones, mother-of-pearl glow, dazzling Flash Diamond white, and crystalline pink quartz. It’s this last colour which adorns the Serpentine handbag – whose gold-plated brass handle is shaped like a snake – and the Serpenti Forever Mini crafted in karung leather – an exotic leather made from an aquatic snake’s skin, whose tightly packed scales shimmer like a cut gemstone.

Serpentine Top Handle Bag – €4,100.

The Baia Serpenti Shoulder Bag shows signs of blushing under its elegant Milky Opal karung leather. The bag was specially treated to bring out its lustre. As on all Baia Serpenti Shoulder Bags, the famous snake head magnetic clasp, with its tone-on-tone enamel design, accentuates the bag’s symmetry.

Serpenti Baia Shoulder Bag – €3,000.

This hallmark of Bulgari jewellery also appears on the Mini Serpenti Top Handle as well as the Serpenti Forever Day-to-Night Shoulder Bag, with their silver striated calfskin leather – a meticulous and detailed finish that complements their moonlight hue and iridescent patina.

Serpenti Forever Day-to-Night Shoulder Bag – €2,900.

Luxurious spirit, luxurious fabric

Finally, Bulgari’s skillful new weaving techniques are breaking new ground in the hand-made craftsmanship domain.

Bulgari Serpenti Forever Top Handle made of Woven Wicker – €8,000.

The Roman Maison reimagines the herringbone motif, this time in a luxurious fabric made of cotton threads, lurex, and viscose. Fashioned by hand on a weaving loom, each piece takes four weeks to complete. This innovative weaving adorns both the reptilian Serpentine Pouch and the Top Handle Serpenti Forever with its Ivory Opal calfskin lining.

This flagship model from Bulgari comes in many different summer outfits including the leather and Woven Wicker –a natural material, hand-woven around a metal frame – Top Handle bag with its Ivory Opal tone-on-tone calfskin handle and flap, enhanced with a clasp covered in enamel and gold-plated brass scales.

Available in Bulgari’s boutiques from May 1st, 2024.


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