A spokesman for the Bell & Ross web community

By MyWatch
In 1999, Bell & Ross was one of the first watchmakers to create a website. In 2009, it was the very first to make all of its watches and accessories available to purchase online. In May 2011, Bell & Ross unveiled its new website which will be translated in eleven languages and which provides the brand with a new global showcase.
Further to the significant development of social networks, Bell & Ross naturally sought to identify an individual capable of enhancing its current skills base and of becoming its English-speaking spokesperson on the web, an individual who could help the brand to respond to the considerable and constantly growing fan community already in place.
Bell & Ross instantly thought of Simon Cudd.
Simon Cudd is the co-founder and moderator of www.br-avo.com, the first non-official Bell & Ross website created in 2009. In addition to Simon’s excellent command of web tools and social networks, he has been following the Brand for many years and knows it inside-out.
As an owner of numerous Bell & Ross models and a watch enthusiast, Simon already runs the online community, which he himself created, on a daily basis. It was therefore natural for the Brand to turn to him.
Simon Cudd’s role will involve promoting experience sharing within the community, improving community cohesion, discussing his passion and sharing his brand experience with other enthusiasts. He will also be responsible for identifying and finding fans like himself who wish to receive real-time updates on the Brand and for setting up meetings with his fellow community members.
He will combine his own brand experience and his former expectations as an Internet user with the exclusive information to which he will now have access, and become the Bell & Ross spokesperson on the Internet.
In complement to Bell & Ross’ existing digital team, Simon’s arrival as a free agent will create added-value for the fan base, which he will continue to be a part of, through his comments and photos.
His role, as a genuine leader of virtual communities, consists in conveying the firm’s values through his interactions with Internet users, generating discussions and content on these values and developing brand awareness within different web communities.
And although this is a virtual function, there will be a strong real-world component as Simon will organize meetings with fans and collectors across the globe in order to bring this tremendous community spirit to life.
  • Carlos C. Rosillo, Bell & Ross CEO; Barbara Dumas, Internet and e-Commerce Director; Simon Cudd, Community Ambassador.