A warranty of to 5 years for Richard Mille’s watches

By MyWatch
He believes that the highest standards of quality require a bespoke customer service.
Following the unique personalized service provided on the internet site which allows each Richard Mille owner a privileged and permanent contact with the brand, Richard Mille now includes a 5 year warranty on all his watches.
Richard Mille’s strategy is based on producing no more than 2500 watches a year. This policy enables him to accompany his clients and dedicate all the attention they deserve from a high end luxury watch brand. With this in mind and confident in the level of quality associated with his watches, Richard Mille has therefore decided to extend his warranty to 5 years.
This extended warranty will be applied as soon as the watch has been serviced before the end of its 3rd year by an official Richard Mille agent. Watchmaking statistics show rapid aging of the seals after a period of 2 to 3 years and Richard Mille wishes to be able to offer this complimentary service to his customers.
Even if the watch ceases to work after a minor shock, the watch will still be covered under this 5 year warranty and this is unique in high end watch manufacturing. For Richard Mille it was paramount that frustrated clients who leave their watches for repair should not feel concerned that the breakdown may be due to poor manipulation. Violent shocks however will exclude the watch from being repaired under warranty (breakage of the glass, signs that the case has been crushed or that the watch has been dropped).
Should the watch be sold on at any time, the warranty will automatically transfer to the new owner. This is an issue dear to Richard Mille who is very sensitive to the fact that second hand watches should be treated in the same manner as new watches as this only serves to reinforce the value of new models. A new certificate designed along the lines of a bank note to prevent forgery has been specifically produced to accompany new and used watches at the moment of sale.
  • The warranty of the Richard Mille's watches is extend to 5 years.