Actress Michelle Yeoh created a feminine watch for Richard Mille

By MyWatch
The friendship between Jean Todt and Richard Mille led to the encounter of Michelle Yeoh, the international renowned actress. However, it was through their mutual passion for watches that they became closer and which led to a professional collaboration.
Michelle Yeoh, enthusiastic about becoming involved in the project launched herself into the adventure about a year ago, alongside Mélanie Treton-Monceyron, Artistic Director of Richard Mille. The watch they had in mind had to be light, elegant, romantic and charged with positive feelings. Michelle Yeoh being Malaysian, it is therefore no surprise that they found inspiration in Asia and chose the phoenix as symbol, a legendary bird which always fascinated both of them.
According to Chinese legend, the phoenix (or Feng-Huang) was the Empress’s emblem and known for being the kindest of birds. Its beauty was unsurpassed and its song one of the most beautiful. Having survived several centuries, the phoenix would eventually burn into extinction only to rise again from the ashes. Symbol of grace, feminine beauty and strength, the body of the phoenix represents the five human qualities: its head, virtue; its wings, duty; its back, justice; its chest, goodwill and its belly, reliability.
Projected into the world of haute horlogerie, the phoenix enters a timeless dimension. Positioned in the RM 051, the phoenix is adorned with diamonds and encapsulates the movement in harmony with the barrel, power reserve and tourbillon. Poetry and fascination are transcended from this highly complex and elegant work of art.
Another attribute of the RM 051 is its baseplate made of black Onyx, a gemstone known for its properties in absorbing negative energy and producing emotional stability as well as inspiration.
The RM 051, created by Michelle Yeoh and Mélanie Treton-Monceyron, was designed for women looking for highly technical performance timepieces around a very sophisticated package.
12 months after the very first sketches were drawn, Richard Mille is pleased to present the RM 051 phoenix-Michelle Yeoh watch, which through the phoenix symbolism are celebrated courage, will and kindness all in tribute to women.
The RM 051 is a limited edition of 18 unique pieces, Michelle Yeoh’s favourite number.
  • The passion for watches has brought Michelle Yeoh to Richard Mille, who asked her created a feminine watch. ©Renaud Corlouer
  • Michelle Yeoh and the RM051 Phoenix-Michelle Yeoh : both of them symbol of grace, beauty and strength like the legendary bird. ©Renaud Corlouer
  • The RM051 Phoenix-Michelle Yeoh : a limited édition of 18 unique pieces.