Chapter 3

adidas wears Prada

Both ready-to-wear brands cause sensation with every new collaboration. The duo is now introducing a third chapter celebrating their icons. The adidas Originals Forum sneakers and the Prada Re-Nylon material share the stage with a new selection of accessories and bags that promise to be sold out very quickly.

By Chloé Redler

adidas x Prada, an on-going partnership

La nouvelle collection adidas x Prada Re-Nylon
This collection blends Prada’s savoir-faire and adidas’ sportswear innovation heritage.

Chapter 3: they are back!

One of the leaders when it comes to sportswear innovation, adidas, and the Italian luxury brand Prada are back together for a new capsule collection. Always highly expected, the collection is the rightful successor to the two precedent collaborations that have impressed the fashion world. In short, here is a promising debut with the unveiling of the Superstar sneakers and the Bowling bag. The fans will patiently (or not) wait a collector version of the Superstar in three colours (black, white and black, silver chromed and white). 

A complete collection

La nouvelle collection adidas x Prada Re-Nylon
adidas for Prada Re-Nylon white sweatshirt (€ 1,100) and white pants (€ 850) with the signature three stripes by adidas in Saffiano leather. 

Today, we’re discovering a collection of twenty-one pieces. Sweats, pants, bucket hats, and bags highlight the beauty of the adidas Forum high-top sneakers and the Forum sneakers (iconic sneakers from the sportswear brand with a removable little pouch). Developed by Prada artisans in Italy, the silhouettes are also refined. And the iconic shades of black and white are everywhere. In short, it is Prada’s savoir-faire combined with adidas’s sporting heritage. 

adidas x Prada, a sustainable collaboration 

The brands do not only want to launch a luxury sportswear collection. They also wish to pursue a more eco-responsible ideal. That is why the new line uses Re-Nylon.

La nouvelle collection adidas x Prada Re-Nylon

The Italian Maison launched this revolutionary fabric in 2019, produced from recycled plastic collected in the oceans and textile fibres (old rugs, etc.). The recycling system is infinite. Besides, Prada’s goal was to stop using virgin nylon. The brand wanted to begin using only Re-Nylon before the end of 2021. Did Prada keep its promises? 

Re-Nylon by Prada

Available at Prada boutiques and on adidas’ website  and prada’s website.