Beauty is an art with Maison Valmont

Switzerland is not only remarkable for its watchmaking excellency, but also for being the birthplace of advanced cosmetology. And Maison Valmont is its paragon. A pioneer of cellular cosmetic, the brand combines science and nature into magic formulas. Furthermore, it is an expert in presentation.

By Florence Halimi
The Quintessence Open Box.

This is the brand of a privileged few, and it is universally praised from Tokyo to New-York, from Hong Kong to Shanghai, from Berlin to Paris… Where Maison Valmont opened a boutique on rue de Rivoli, which is connected via the spa of the hotel Meurice. Established in Switzerland, the brand has a research laboratory in a phyto-alpine garden. This garden is irrigated by the mineral-loaded water of glaciers – the source of Valmont’s science of beauty. The precious active ingredients are extracted from the water and turned into formulas and textures by a team of biologists and cosmetologists. The whole operation is instigated by Sophie Vann Guillon, CEO of Valmont and responsible for research and product design.

Sophie Vann Guillon, CEO of Valmont.

Science and nature, a beauty cocktail

The culmination of her expertise comes in the form of L’Élixir des Glacier. The hallmark complex combines liposome RNA and DNA and relies on nature’s treasures. Depending on the collection, these can be poly-active plant extracts that come straight from the garden, beekeeping products (propolis, honey, royal jelly) or exceptional active ingredients like sturgeon DNA.

The L’Elixir des Glaciers collection.

These miraculous products are the ingredients of a rejuvenation treatment in three-step – La Sève des Glaciers, la Source des Glaciers and Le Nectar des Glacier. These three products are gathered in the collector set Quintessence des Glaciers, which is a limited edition created by Didier Guillon (500 pieces).

The collector set la Quintessence des Glacier, a limited edition created by Didier Guillon.

This third edition combines an arty gift box and a matching leather tote bag. Didier Guillon was inspired by the minimalist and colourful designs of the Bauhaus. The artistic director of the maison – who is also a patron of the Valmont foundation that he directs with his son Maxence – designs all the packaging, the exclusive sets and the limited editions that punctuate the year at Valmont.

Essence of Bees, a line that generates buzz

This autumn, the harvest is good with the collection L’Élixir des Glaciers – Essence of Bees, a tribute to the treasures of the beehive invested in miraculous skincare for dry skins – the Huile Majestueuse, the Crème de Masque Majestueuse and the lifting Sérum Majestueux Vos yeux.

The Huile Majestueuse, the Crème de Masque Majestueuse and the lifting Sérum Majestueux Vos yeux from the collection L’Élixir des Glaciers – Essence of Bees.

Propolis, honey and royal jelly were added to the formula made of glacier water, liposome RNA and DNA. This makes for a perfect alchemy. This line is also declined in a limited edition with a box set made of raw ash from Jura, adorned with brass and ebony, with the three products inside (70 pieces). Another version has a black diamond bracelet set in an 18-carat gold alveolus (limited to 30 pieces).

Essence of Bees box set – €2 850.

A good part of the proceeds from the sale of the products and the limited editions – and the entirety of the proceeds from the bracelets – will be donated to four associations dedicated to the protection of bees and beekeeping skills. BeeLife Europe, Beekeepers Foundation, Pollinator Partnership as well as the Fondation Arche des Abeilles, which was founded by Stéphanie Vuadens, a beekeeper from Geneva whose organic beehives – sponsored by Valmont – facilitated the development of the precious complex.

La Quintessence des Glaciers 2023 box set – €3 500

Essence of Bees Bracelet – €1 225 (100% of proceeds donated to associations dedicated to the protection of bees)

Essence of Bees artistic box set – € 2 850 (1 000 euros donated)

20 euros donation per Essence of Bees product purchased: – Huile Majestueuse – €480 – Crème de Masque Majestueuse – €490 – Lifting Sérum Majestueux Vos yeux – €445.