Cartier Shape your time, a message for the men of today

By MyWatch
A display of raw energy and emotion brought to life by Bruno Aveillan, with dreamlike aesthetics that launch Cartier into the stratosphere of the finest watchmaking traditions, while casting them onwards into the future.
Entrepreneurs, visionaries, creative and passionate people who, like the founders of Cartier, are connected to the world of tomorrow…
90 seconds in which the viewer dives deep into Cartier time, from the first inventions – today’s grand classics – to the latest concept watches that show the watchmaking of tomorrow.
It is a journey of eternal pioneers through the secrets of workshops, all driven by the rhythm of gear trains and mechanisms in motion.
The film shows a son marvelling at a story told by his father, as the boy discovers the tradition of watches being handed down like a treasure from generation to generation.
They were called Louis, Jacques and Pierre Cartier. They created their own world of inspiration, choosing to shape history instead of being shaped by it, challenging conventions and defying the very hands of time.
Since the founding of the Maison in 1847, the adventure of Cartier has been an ode to all explorers, groundbreakers and entrepreneurs of the past, present and future. Imagine the energy, conviction and determination it must have taken for Louis, Jacques and Pierre Cartier to embark on conquering the world at the dawn of the 20th century! Their father entrusted the three brothers with the task of making the name and spirit of Cartier shine all over the globe, with Louis in Paris, Jacques in London and Pierre in New York.
Under their triple visionary leadership, Cartier became not only the most prestigious High Jewellery Maison in the world, but also one of the masters of time.
By distinguishing itself with its values of inventiveness and creativity, Cartier earned its place as a true pioneer in the world of watchmaking.
Because watchmaking should be both creative and technical, Cartier has always sought to push back its boundaries. This is what led to the creation of the first mystery clocks with invisible movements in 1912. At the time, experts called them “miracles of watchmaking”.
A complication is far more than simply a feat of technical prowess – it is the perfect blend of function and aesthetics. Cartier has created some of the most beautiful legends of watchmaking.
From the past to the present and beyond, Cartier watchmaking is constantly evolving and reinventing itself. Thus every Cartier watch bears the seal of excellence…
Today, just as before, the Cartier Manufacture continues to accomplish watchmaking feats thanks to the 175 crafts practised in its workshops.
It is this union of craftsmanship, along with the strong identity provided by the fundamental codes of Cartier style and the mastery of the most innovative technology, which enables watchmaking connoisseurs to wear exceptional watches.
The Rotonde de Cartier Mysterious Double Tourbillon watch embodies this mastery: with its 242 components united within a diameter of 35 mm and a thickness of just 5 mm, this watch makes the impossible possible with its mechanical heart floating in thin air.
As though time itself is given a new dimension…
Boasting a collection made up of over 30 Manufacture movements, Cartier continues the Maison’s great watchmaking adventure.
And in the future, new developments for the finest complications will continue to rise to this constant challenge, so that each Cartier watch, with its blend of technical expertise, craftsmanship and aesthetics, is hailed as a watchmaking miracle.
The “Poinçon de Genève” is the ultimate distinction for a Manufacture movement, certifying the beauty of the seen and unseen.
A square is a square, a circle is a circle. For Cartier, these are conventions ripe to be overturned. Throughout its history, infused with creativity and a pioneering spirit, Cartier has created original and distinctive
shapes, unprecedented and entirely unique. This fascinating challenge offers us the chance to embark on some beautiful journeys through time.
Like the dial on the Santos watch, created in 1904 for the aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont so that he could easily read the time when flying.
Like the first tanks used during the First World War, which in 1917 gave Louis Cartier his inspiration for the pared-down lines of the Tank watch.
Since then, this legendary piece has changed its face with the times, reinventing itself while still preserving its soul.
Like the restrained curves of the Rotonde de Cartier watch, which house the most sophisticated Fine Watchmaking movements.
Like the Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch, which has appropriated the codes of geometry in order to best reinterpret them.
With its winding crown venturing into the domain of the dial and the resulting detour of its Roman numerals, this daring watch symbolises the spirit of Cartier.
Today, just as before, Cartier continues to write the history of contemporary watchmaking and shape its own legend.
According to the history books, 1904 was not a revolutionary year. And yet it was at the dawn of the 20th century, during the age of pocket watches, that the history of watchmaking came to a major turning point.
When the aviator Santos-Dumont asked for the creation of a watch that would allow him to read the time without having to let go of the controls of his aircraft, Louis Cartier designed a timepiece specially conceived to be worn on the wrist. It is the first watch to possess a truly modern case with integrated horns, rather than a simple adaptation of the pocket watch. The watch’s key attribute was the presence of the strap.
Daring to use new materials. Showing what others hide and hiding what others show…
Cartier possesses a pioneering spirit, a history of daring inventors and a different vision of a world in motion.
So it was that two revolutionary concept watches were designed in 2009 and 2012, exploring never-before-seen technological avenues: Cartier ID One boasts the first lubrication- and adjustment-free movement in the world, with some of its innovations already featured in the Carbon Crystal Astrotourbillon, while Cartier ID Two is a high-efficiency vacuum watch. These two unique pieces explore uncharted territory and herald the watchmaking of tomorrow.
They represent two unrivalled symbols of innovation.
This creative sprit has continued to flourish and to bring about developments in Fine Watchmaking. The imagination of the watch designers and the expertise of the craftsmen at the Cartier Manufacture ensure that this momentum has been maintained over time.
The concept watches present a Cartier vision of the future and open up astonishing new horizons.
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