Chopard presents the collection of watches and jewelry Happy Mickey

By MyWatch
It might have been the start of a cartoon: a famous little mouse slips into the workshops of a jewellery company… However, rather than stirring any trouble, he instead nurtures the creativity of those who work there – and the encounter between Chopard and the legendary Walt Disney character gives rise to a watch and jewellery collection brimming with whimsy and playful elegance. Naturally christened Happy Mickey, this original interpretation of the famous Happy Diamonds line heralds the start of a new chapter in the incredible and enduring love story between Chopard and the world of film-making.
A passionate cinema enthusiast, an official partner of the Cannes Film Festival, and a revealer of youthful talents, Chopard has for many years been acknowledged as the jeweller of stars and of the movie world.
The latest “guest star” in this ongoing romance is another film icon, albeit this time a fictional one. Although unprecedented, this close encounter is certainly no coincidence. Disney is a historical symbol in the film industry, and its “mascot” figure brings back countless pleasurable childhood memories and has exactly what it takes to appeal to Chopard. The intrepid mouse and the daring jewellery company share the same joie de vivre, the same dynamic attitude and the same resolutely independent spirit.
The Happy Mickey collection offers a broad range of fresh and colourful creations crafted in white or rose gold: long necklaces, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings… and of course Happy Sport watches, as Chopard enriches the longstanding tradition of timepieces bearing the effigy of the legendary mouse. Whether through explicit references or discreet nods to the inimitably vivacious character, the extremely varied jewellery models humorously and subtly emphasise Mickey’s most singular characteristics: his broad smile, twinkling eyes, or simply his unique and instantly recognisable round ears.
Chopard’s designers, jewellery craftsmen and gemsetters give free rein to their talent in capturing the personality of the friendly mouse, while lending him a stylish touch of trendy chic. Enlivened by the presence of diamonds and moving coloured precious stones, the inimitable black and white silhouette sparkles with a blend of elegance and carefree cheerfulness. Disney aficionados are bound to appreciate the result, as too will devotees of retro-vintage fashion and casual luxury.
Happy Mickey Collection is available exclusively in Chopard boutiques.
  • Happy Mickey Collection - Watch of 42mm diameter in gem-set steel featuring a mother-of-pearl dial with three moving diamonds and a moving Mickey Head set with diamonds white and black - Quartz movement.
  • Happy Mickey Collection - Watches of 30mm and 36mm diameter in steel - Quartz movement.
  • Happy Mickey Collection - Pendants.
  • Happy Mickey Collection - Pendants.
  • Happy Mickey Collection - Long necklace.
  • Happy Mickey Collection - Necklace.
  • Happy Mickey Collection - Earings.