Fawaz Gruosi receives the BORN ULTIMATE award for creativity and know-how

By MyWatch
The award rewards seven talented people for their creativity and know-how. Fawaz Gruosi is the heart and soul of de GRISOGONO, and his bold imprint can be seen in each of the products created by de GRISOGONO, which has just celebrated its 20th anniversary.
Courchevel, the legendary resort, is also a village of excellence and innovation. Jean Christophe Chopin, the head of BORN, created an event at the Cap Horn restaurant featuring distinction, know-how and the sharing of creativity. Each winter, the BORN encounters are unique moments to discover the development, design and production of exceptional pieces of craftsmanship. Much more than a simple gathering, BORN ULTIMATE veritable Oscars of creativity is a moment where talented people who know how to take risks and what steps to take to realize their dreams come together; a moment where beauty, craftsmanship and innovation mingle endlessly. This creative spirit and innovation are constantly encouraged and celebrated by BORN.
It is easy to be innovative, but it is much less easy to combine innovation with success. Everyone can take risks, use new materials, play with colours, but transgressing boundaries and succeeding is another story. de GRISOGONO has never ceased to create its own path, and the company has not only succeeded in crafting jewellery as works of art, it has also set more trends than any other jewellery company today.
For Fawaz Gruosi and his design team, it is still and always about the object itself. “I never look at how much something will cost; I focus on the images flashing in my mind and I try to create the most beautiful piece of jewellery possible.” This is what makes de GRISOGONO both a unique and an immediately recognizable brand, a rare feat in the world of jewellery today. Imagine a creative process in which there are no limits or instructions, no themes to follow or colours to adopt, simply complete freedom that gives free rein to the imagination. This principle is at the heart of the de GRISOGONO design, where the beauty of each creation takes precedence over any predefined border.
It is not only how Fawaz Gruosi combines gems that delights and surprises, but also how he mixes colours: playing with the subtle shades of some colours, such as pink and purple, and enjoying breaking conventional codes to bring these jewelled creations to life. This inventiveness continues with de GRISOGONO’s passion for unconventional materials. Black diamonds, milky diamonds renamed “Icy Diamonds”, “Browny Brown” and shagreen are commonplace today, but they all started with Fawaz Gruosi, whose instinct for innovation has inspired customers and competitors worldwide. Black diamonds are the perfect example.
To receive the BORN ULTIMATE award highlights the creative spirit of de GRISOGONO, which opened a new store in Courchevel on December 15th 2013 on the rue de l’Eglise, in the “golden triangle”. It is the second shop of the haute joaillerie brand in France and the 16th worldwide.
  • Fawaz Gruosi receives the BORN ULTIMATE award for creativity and know-how
  • Fawaz GRUOSI