Automotive Haute Couture

Fuoriserie, tailor-made by Maserati

Synonymous with luxury and exclusivity, the famous Italian car manufacturer Maserati is presenting its personalization programme. This unprecedented initiative called Fuoriserie - said with a perfect Italian accent - allows future owners to shape a Maserati to their own image from several combinations.

By Chloé Redler
Presentation of the new MC20 last September – Video: Maserati.

Fuoriserie and the MC20, opting for personalization

La supercar MC20 est le terrain de jeu du programme de personnalisation Fuoriserie
Unveiled last September, the MC20 is one of the playgrounds for the personalization programme, Fuoriserie.

Revealed last September during a large-scale show – an event that was also awarded the Grand Prix Best Event Awards World 2020 – the MC20 is a new model manufactured at the historic headquarters in Modena. This supercar has been chosen by the company with the famous trident emblem to become the site of a new personalization game: Fuoriserie. Indeed, the extremely -privileged future owners – to call a spade a spade – will be able to ‘spice up’ the MC20 to their linking. As in the world of Haute Couture, the car is available in three very distinct collections.
They immediately express the brand’s power and represent its values: sportiness, elegance and innovation. Unica, designed – as its name suggests – to reinterpret fashion, art and culture; Corse, anchored in the brand’s sporting heritage; and Futura, dedicated to new technologies and materials. To represent these three collections and illustrate this exclusive programme, Maserati prepared three of the House’s emblematic vehicles : the Quattroporte Unica, the Ghibli Corse and the Levante Futura. These models are now also part of the Fuoriserie project.

Les trois lignes de la MC20 : Unica, Corse et Futura
Quattroporte Unica, Ghibli Corse and Levante Futura: three audacious collections to explore an infinite numbers of combinations.

A rather amusing detail: Maserati’s website offer to tell you which model is made for you, through a quick questionnaire featuring pictures.

Unica pour les personnes dynamiques ancrées dans le temps présent
Corse for lovers of the Gentlemen Racers’ era and Maserati’s heritage, Futura for futurists with a taste for new technologies, and Unica for dynamic people anchored in the present.

Your one and only Fuoriserie

Fuoriserie, l'atelier Haute Couture de personnalisation de Maserati situé à Modène en Italie
Fuoriserie, Maserati’s Haute Couture personalization workshop, in Modena, offers a wide range of possible combinations: paintwork, rims, calipers, interiors, etc.

However, it is necessary to go to the new Maserati Haute Couture workshop in Modena to customize the vehicle. Once the model has been selected, the customer can choose between many combinations.

Fuoriserie, le programme de personnalisation de Maserati met à l'honneur les tendances mode, artistiques et culturelles
The colourful interior of the Unica model is a reinterpretation of fashion, art and cultural trends. The multi-coloured cloud effect on the outside is reflected inside like a rainbow.

Several colours as well as patterns, stripes and lines are available for te finishes and paints. There are also different hues for the calipers, brakes and rims and different patterns or color options for the carbon parts. The interior of this automotive jewel is not left out with various colours, shades of stitching, materials (leather, alcantara, etc.), dashboard, and seat options…

L’intérieur de ce bijou automobile n’est pas en reste avec six coloris différents, dix nuances de coutures, de matières (cuir, alcantara, etc), tableaux de bord, sièges
Having to choose between so many possible combinations, future customers benefits from the expertise of a personal designer who will be able to guide them in their final choice.

Like a great couturier, Maserati pushes the parallel even further by unveiling two collections per year. All these promises of never-ending choices are enough to make you lose your head. Fortunately, a personal designer uses their expertise to help the privileged clientele by cleverly guiding and channelling their overflowing with creativity!

Fuoriserie : à chacun sa Maserati !
Fuoriserie: to each their own Maserati !