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Gena by Marine Lorphelin, a collection for women

Founded in 2019, the Gena Jewelry house unveiled its first capsule collection designed and conceived in close collaboration with the Miss France 2013 and soon to be general practitioner, Marine Lorphelin. Available since last December on the brand’s website, the delicate and feminine line is intended to be as accessible as the beauty queen.

By Chloé Redler
The model, ex-miss France and soon general practitioner, Marine Lorphelin and the jewellery creator Jenna Tournay designed together the capsule collection Gena by Marine Lorphelin.

A collection conceived by two women… for women

Collection capsule Gena by Marine Lorphelin
Accessible, simple and gleaming, the capsule collection reflects its creator.

A story about the meeting of two women unlike any others, determined and committed. One a jewellery creator, Jenna Tournay, and the other an ex-beauty queen, Marine Lorphelin, completing each other. Their collaboration is then self-evident. They design together a jewellery line in their image, for all modern women: accessible, simple and gleaming.

Marine Lorphelin pour la collection capsule Gena by Marine Lorphelin
Worn accumulated, the CHOKER (€49) and DOUBLE POIRE (€75) necklaces delicately adorn the neck.

This jewellery line tries to be closer to the reality of everyday life, easy to wear but nonetheless elegant. All in all, resilient pieces for any occasion, able to handle a full and intense life like Marine’s. Model and Miss France, she is on all fronts, without forgetting her medical studies. Indeed, for every order, two euros are donated to the Fondation des Hôpitaux de Paris (a French fund for better medical service). A great initiative that deserves to be recognized.

Collection capsule Gena by Marine Lorphelin
Soon-to-be general practitioner, Marine Lorphelin wishes to stay close to her patients by donating 2 euros on each order to the fondation des hôpitaux de Paris.

Gena by Marine Lorphelin, a changing line

The eight pieces of the collection comprise necklaces and earrings in silver gilded with yellow, rose or white gold. Each one, decorated by zirconia stones, showcases a central pear-shaped stone. Iconic cut of Gena Jewelry that inspired the whole line. True to Marine’s personality, the pear-cut reflects a sharp and audacious aspect combining softness and sensitivity. From 32 to 75 euros, these editions intends to be affordable, with great value.

Collection Gena by Marine Lorphelin
LETTRE earrings by Marine Lorphelin – €32 euros single.

Sold as single, the earrings can be worn in pair, alone, or accumulated for a unique look. Last but not least, a glam duo finishes the collection: customizable earrings shaped like letters. A perfect personalized Christmas gift.

Collection capsule Gena by Marine Lorphelin
In sterling silver gilded with fine gold, the earrings are customizable with any letters of the alphabet.