Girard Perregaux Laureato 34: Ladies in the spotlight

By MyWatch

In 2017, the curtain rises on a new chapter in the history of the Laureato. A year after its comeback in the form of a limited edition commemorating Girard-Perregaux’s 225th anniversary, the line continues its contemporary adventure with the Laureato 34 model. Within an entirely revisited range, it appears in this super slim size and attired in a diamond-studded mantle of light.

Available in steel, in gold or a combination of the two, the Girard-Perregaux icon is interpreted in a delightfully graceful manner. Intended for cultivated women of taste, the Laureato 34 unmistakably feminine while epitomising all the brand’s original values. The Laureato 34 thereby paves the way for fresh interpretations of the iconic Girard-Perregaux model, based on time-honoured expertise. They will make 2017 a Laureato year as much for women as for men – who will also be treated to some fine surprises.

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The Laureato 34 is the latest in a lengthy lineage. Since its 1975 launch, the Laureato has been perpetually renewed in terms of both its relevance and its significance, while never betraying its fundamental character traits. The latter are based on the shape of its octagonal bezel that is geometrical yet in no way rigid. It frames a round dial adorned with a Clou de Paris hobnail motif. Its other signature feature is the line visually connecting the lug-free case to a supple metal bracelet with broad domed interlinks.
The Laureato is also a substantial presence born from the alternating surface finishing achieved by a satin-brushed bezel concealing a polished ring in turn sitting atop an equally satin-finished case band, thereby creating a subtle play on contrasts. Finally, it is a spirit – composed of chic steel, sporting elegance and versatility – that make it a watch suited to daily wear in any situation.

Girard Perregaux Laureato 34

In 2017, Girard-Perregaux reprises these aesthetic codes to offer a feminine interpretation stemming from a wealth of refined details. The Laureato 34 is a logical continuation of the story – firstly in terms of its quartz movement, since Girard-Perregaux was a pioneer in this type of mechanism. Strongly involved in R&D and a benchmark brand for quart calibres during the 1970s, it became the first – in 1978 – to to offer a movement compact enough to equip ladies’ watches.
Moreover, in making its way smoothly across the decades, the Laureato has become a great classic that has repeatedly demonstrated its versatility. Its feminine version now shines in all its splendour, splendidly arrayed in diamonds. The Laureato 34 comes with a silver-toned, slate grey or blue dial, graced with baton-type hours and minutes hands, as well as a date display.

The case of the Laureato 34 features a diverse range of materials closely attuned to women’s tastes and aspirations. This may mean a choice of satin-brushed steel, 18K pink gold, or both at once. In this two-tone variation, the body of the watch is in steel, while the bezel, crown and interlinks are made of gold. In all cases, the gemsetting on the bezel draws the gaze to its subtle aesthetic approach. Given that an octagonal bezel framed by a circle represents an irregular set of surface areas, Girard-Perregaux has set it with 56 diamonds in sizes that vary according to their position and are thus gently tapered so as to occupy the entire space available. This principle recalls that which dictated the shape of the metal bracelet of the Laureato 34. Its first links are the same width as the case, while the last ones close to the clasp are distinctly narrower. This progressively slimmer design also applies to the the models fitted with an alligator strap, available in a choice of white, black or anthracite grey and secured by a dainty triple-blade folding clasp.

The Laureato 34 demonstrates a keen concern for ergonomic details. To ensure a perfect fit on the wrist, the bracelet links are articulated in a perfectly supple way. At 34 in diameter and 7.75 mm thick, its size is beautifully proportioned. Its user-friendly appeal is facilitated by an extremely thin quartz movement produced in-house by Girard-Perregaux and ensuring there is no need to rewind or set it even after several days off the wrist.

The Laureato 34 is natural addition to the prestigious lineage of Girard-Perregaux watches and of the Laureato itself. The strength of a legendary model lies in its ability to evolve. Over the years, the Laureato has shown itself capable of remaining firmly in tune with the times. It now proves with disarming ease that it is entirely at home on the wrist of today’s elegant woman.