Great Bridges of our Time

By MyWatch

Alongside its prestigious partner, Sincere Fine Watches, Corum celebrated the 30th anniversary of its Golden Bridge collection. The event was hosted at The Luxe Art Museum in Singapore and welcomed leading watch collectors, the press and celebrities.

A year of celebration

In 2010 Corum celebrates the anniversary of its renowned baguette movement. It has become an emblem of the brand with its plate and bridges crafted in 18kt gold and handengraved with patterns replicating the shape of tree ferns from the Jura region. Thirty years after its creation, this legendary movement, remains an exceptional achievement and a unique watchmaking expression. In 2009, Corum affirmed its creativity and know-how through the launch of the second in-house caliber; a baguette movement with plate and bridges made of titanium. Housed in the Ti-Bridge it wrote a new chapter in the company’s history and marked the advent of a new collection, the Corum Bridges.
Anniversaries allow recognized watch manufacturer to introduce new timepieces. Launched in 2010, the Ti-Bridge Tourbillon and the Golden Bridge Tourbillon see their visible baguette movements – the signature of the high horology Corum Bridges collection – adorned with a fascinating tourbillon escapement.

Architectural masterpieces

Anniversaries are also a great opportunity for Corum to invite its collectors and watch connoisseurs to celebrate. Located in the newly-built luxe building and nestled amongst the neighbourhood known as the ‘Art and Heritage district’, the Luxe Art Museum offered a modern and contemporary venue for the event and Corum’s guests.
Linking its Corum Bridges collection, emblematic of great artistry and technical know-how, to the architecture, the theme of the event centered around bridges. The 60 guests were invited to experience the poetic symbolism and the engineering marvels of some notable bridges in the world. During the celebration, they were invited on a journey of discovery to see some of the most awe-inspiring bridges, drawing parallel to the watchmaking artisans who instil their inspiration into the aesthetics of their construction, challenge paradigms and push the boundaries of technical innovation to create a masterful work of art.

Antonio Calce, CEO of Corum, who attended the event, said: ”Today, we pay tribute to the talented watchmakers and architects, who perfectly combine lightness and volumes to achieve unique expressions of contemporary art. The brand’s iconic in-line movements express the perfect balance between the choice of materials, the use of the right technicality and the design of the lines. As bridges connect people, the Corum Bridges collection brought watchmaking connoisseurs and devotees together to meet and share their passion tonight. The Golden Bridge is definitely a collection we want to focus on and it is at the center of our development strategy. 2011 will herald an exceptional novelty in this collection. This event writes a new chapter in our partnership with Sincere Fine Watches. Thanks to their support, Corum can rely on a trustworthy partner to develop the brand in Asia.”

A strong partnership

Sincere Fine Watches recently inaugurated a new point of sales in Marina Bay Sand, where Corum is represented in a dedicated shop corner. The anniversary celebration event conjugated to this opening signs a new chapter in Corum’s relationship with Sincere. It is a strong symbol for the brand, which develops its distribution strategy on the long term by selecting distinctive point of sale. More than the renewal of the partnership with Sincere, it shows the market’s belief in Corum’s timepieces and the development of the brand in Asia.

  • Victor Sassoon, General Director of Corum Singapore Pte Ltd; Antonio Calce, CEO of Corum; Ong Ban, CEO of Sincere Fine Watches.