Hermès new advertising campaign

By MyWatch
Because every Hermès watch enshrines memories of the original vocation of the venerable House, and because any watch, just like a harness or a saddle, is an ambassador of its expertise and its high standards, Hermès has naturally invited the horse to grace its new advertising campaign. An elegant, poetic, and quite unexpectedly very human horse…
The Publicis EtNous agency entrusted animal photographer Tim Flach with this mission. By capturing poetic and original images of the horse, he succeeds in staging the emblematic animal in completely unexpected situations. While the pictures are a reminder that the horse is Hermès’ fi rst companion, they also evoke the universe of the House with a subtle touch of humour.
In this campaign, scheduled for international launch in June 2010, each portrait of a horse is juxtaposed with that of a watch, also graphically staged. The two images are separated by the Hermès ribbon bearing the words Hermès Sellier – Hermès Horloger, an explicit reminder of the company’s watchmaking legitimacy. Each composition opens the doors to one of the four symbolic worlds of the Hermès watch.
The world of Saddle and Harness Maker
Starting with the equestrian milieu. On this visual, one can almost sense the breath of the sorrel-coated horse contemplating the saddle-working workshop on the Faubourg Saint Honoré; its step, its restrained gentleness… The animal appears within an environment uniting all the House identity codes. This is the source of inspiration for the Arceau collection, a watch featuring lugs echoing the shape and curve of a stirrup.
The world of Maritime Spirit
The other cherished Hermès universe is undoubtedly that of the sea, with its elegant seaside resorts where time is spent strolling, playing and bathing. Like the horse which stands on the esplanade, looking out on a vast and invigorating scene. Cape Codhints at a walk along the beach at the time of day when the sky kisses the waves, like an invitation to make the most of the moment in hand.
But the sea can also mean crossings in occasionally extreme conditions. Posted at the prow of the boat, the horse proudly faces these elements that can never be tamed by humankind.
Elegant, solid and determined, it appears to be one with the ocean, which in turn seems to have deliberately matched its colour to the dappled grey coat of the noble animal. Suggesting the struggle with natural elements, Clipper reflects Hermès’ perpetual quest for perfection.
The world of Precious stones
Finally, the portrait of the white horse offers a magnificent view over the rooftops of Paris, the city of Hermès. The bluish light of a star-spangled sky is associated with a diamond-set model, Cape Code Tonneau, symbolising the tradition of refinement and elegance inherent in the Parisian lifestyle.
  • Hermès offre à ses collections horlogères une nouvelle campagne publicitaire.