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Its “Philosophy of Life” has developed in the same fields marked by passionate enthusiasm, the readiness to take on a challenge and the desire to go one step further each time. This is why the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer actively supports the field of rugby and thrills to the finest exploits on the pitches of the great stadiums of the game. To strengthen its ties with this exceptional rugby world, JEANRICHARD has chosen to enter into a partnership with various respected players of the game so as to create its own “team” to act as its family of ambassadors for rugby. This “squad” consists of nine players from France’s famous Top 14 group of clubs: Vincent Clerc, Brice Dulin, Gaël Fickou, Fabrice Estebanez, Juandre Kruger, Benjamin Lapeyre, Maxime Machenaud, Jérémie Maurouard and Pascal Papé. Developing their careers in clubs all over France and perfectly complementary between themselves since they all play in different positions, these dedicated sportsmen are everyday heroes who accomplish amazing exploits, in the spirit of true JEANRICHARD men. They have a wide range of levels of play (with some who are just starting their careers, while others have a solid record of achievement behind them), and this enriches the human dimension of the team, combining youthful vigour and experience, rising stars and acknowledged masters of their game. They all share the same vision and the same spirit: “I transmit my enthusiasm through hard work and the pleasure I find in playing with my team-mates,” explains the young hooker Jérémie Maurouard, while Vincent Clerc, the most experienced of the group, gives his own vision of professional rugby: “You need to be persistent, to stick to your ideas and to be ready to listen to others.”
Straightforward, young and dynamic, these players are the new faces of a “Philosophy of Life” for which the world is a field offering challenges, committed play and a spirit of constant discovery. Also known as the JEANRICHARD spirit.
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