L.Leroy award-winner 2012 of l’Excellence Française

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L’Excellence Française has now become a standard in French “know-how” in many areas, and a valuable label for recipient companies and institutions.
Through the annual award ceremony, the recognition of the different industries and laureates of l’Excellence Française constitutes a long-term distinction.
Through thick and thin, France, with its rich know-how in many sectors, must persevere and assert her presence on the international scene. Ten such sectors are introduced in this fourth edition, ten sectors with the kind of exceptional expertise that draws attention world-wide. Our exceptional capacity for creation and innovation, as well as our art de vivre, constitute a solid foundation for competitiveness.
France has a bright future ahead, on condition that she stays true to herself, and remains proud of her history, values, traditions, her critical eye, of what she has created, of her know-how and openmindness.
The purpose of lExcellence Française is to contribute to this optimistic view, for the benefit of our country, and consequently for the benefit of each and every one of us.
May the ten 2012 award-winners, revealed on November 21st at the Hôtel Bristol in Paris, set an example.
The 2012 Award Ceremony honours and celebrates the L.LEROY house in fine watchmaking activity. L.LEROY Company, founded in Paris in 1785 under the arcades of the Palais-Royal, has written until today some of the most beautiful pages in the history of French Watchmaking and timekeeping.
Throughout the first half of the 19th century, the workshops continually increased the complexity of its timepieces, reinforcing a reputation for excellence that had become international. Named Watchmaker to the Navy Ministry in 1835, the firm became Watchmaker by Appointment to Queen Victoria in 1863.
The company reached its apogee in 1900 with the World’s Fair in Paris where Louis Leroy presented, among other exhibits the famous “Leroy 01”.This true global icon of ultra-complicated watch-making remained the most complicated watch for 89 years.
Today, L.LEROY’s philosophy reflects a deep-felt respect for its exceptional past, which constantly nourishes its vision of the future. Faithful to its roots and its two centuries of tradition, the components manufactured by L.LEROY are entirely assembled, regulated, and cased-up in its new workshops located in Besançon, France.
About l’Excellence Française Laureates
They are French, all leaders in their respective industries and often leaders on a global scale. They represent high-end French know-how.
Year after year since 2009, l’Excellence Française awards them with official recognition and more importantly, brings them together to constitute an economic, cultural and scientific force that is of great importance in a period of economic crisis and international challenges.
Whatever their field of endeavor, they all share the same values, namely the search for excellence, the challenge of innovation, performance and the perpetuation of French expertise.
There are 46 laureates as of today. They are the inner circle of l’Excellence Française, a group which grows with every passing year, and whose ambition is to raise the banner of French success.
L’Excellence Française includes both large and smaller companies, leading figures awarded as individuals, great industry leaders, great chefs, civil servants, artists, researchers, doctors, entrepreneurs, high-ranking military personnel, architects, heads of institutions, and athletes. There are liberals, and conservatives, pillars of the nation, NGOs; there are men and women who serve as role models. Each one was selected on the basis of ten intangible criteria, the first one being a highly specialized know-how with international appeal, and working with their teams to contribute to France’s status as a leader in innovation and excellence.
That is what Excellence Française is all about, and why we will continue our efforts to consolidate and increase our circle of influence with the people who contribute most to France.

2012 Award-Winners

Bernard Charlès – Technology
Managing Director, Dassault Systems
Louis-Marc Chevignard – Winemaking Burgundy wines
Grand Conneìtable of the Confreìrie des Chevaliers du Tastevin
Anne-Marie Descôtes – Education
Director AEFE
Commandant Jean-Baptiste Estachy – Institutions
Commander, Gendarmerie Mountaineer Platoon in Chamonix
Robert Four – Traditional Arts
Chairman and Founder of the Robert Four AubussonTapestry Manufacture
Hubert Martigny – Traditional Arts
Chairman of the PLEYEL Piano Manufacture
Thierry Oriez – Goldsmithing Arts
Chairman and General Manager of CHRISTOFLE
Teddy Riner – Sports
Gold Medal 2012 London Olympic Games – French Judo Federation
Jean-Dominique Senard Automobile Industry
Guillaume Tripet – Fine Watchmaking
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