MILUS presents the current time in Times Square New York

By MyWatch

Biel-Bienne, September, 2010 – Times Square in New York remains one of the most bustling and vibrant locations on earth, guaranteeing optimal brand exposure. American Eagle’s Times Square Flagship features massive outdoor digital signage provided by 12 panels that wrap the building’s exterior, with a total pixel count nearing 3.3 million. This offers a great use of interactive technologies, this is where Milus is presenting the beginning of each hour for the next months to come and enhancing in a brilliant way the newest landmark in Times Square. The current time is shown on the exquisite novelty – the Milus masterpiece Tirion Répétition Minutes TriRetrograde.


Swiss-made watches have been the distinctive trademark of Milus since its foundation in 1919. Each Milus creation is based on technical perfection and aesthetic concerns, serving the function and giving time another dimension.
Milus remains true to the brand hallmark: perfect attention to detail and an exceptional and highly personal commitment in every area. The collection unites the history of the brand with unique designs, distinctive forms and a playful spirit. Milus is not simply measuring the time – Milus is translating the time measuring into a playful experience by combining movement and changeability with its watchmaking expertise.

  • MILUS presents the current time in Times Square New York