Opening new boutique in Shanghai

By MyWatch

Mr. Antonio Calce, CEO of Corum, Mr. Heinrich Schellenberg, the Consulate General of Switzerland in Shanghai, Mr. Alain Chung, famed timepiece connoisseur and collector, Mrs. Jacqueline Ng, CEO of Swiss Prestige Group, as well as Mrs. Iris Tsui, Plaza 66 Leasing Senior Manager being honored guests, officially cut the inaugural ribbon at the boutique opening ceremony.

The new Corum Shanghai boutique is situated in Plaza 66, the city’s most prestigious luxury brand shopping mall. Located in the international, modern, high-end commercial hub of Nanjing Xilu, with an impressive height of 288m tall, 66 floors and a total of 30,788 square meters, Plaza 66 is one of the landmark buildings of Shanghai Puxi area. It is even considered as China’s trend-setting platform, gathering many of the world’s top brands in its premise. The Corum boutique measures around 700 square feet, with its refined yet friendly interior design illustrating the brand image. Under the slogan of ‘Unlock & Conquer’, customers will walk into the world of Corum, discovering the history of the brand, as well as its timepiece making expertise and philosophy. Boutiques offer unique buying experiences to the customers enabling them to experiment the brand’s universe and boutique-exclusive collections.

The sales figures from the Far East market is having a rapid two-digit increase since 2007, making up a steady 40% of Corum’s whole business world-wide. For more than ten years, Corum and the Swiss Prestige Group, one of the brands major partners for fine watches, merge their skills and strength to reposition and establish the brand in China. Having much confidence in the Asian market, Corum has set up new retail points in the area since 2009 to reinforce its distribution network, and in the end of the same year, the brand opened its own-name boutique in Hong Kong. Antonio Calce, CEO of Corum declared: “Three boutique openings in less than one year! This is an obvious sign of Corum’s determination towards a more qualitative presence of our worldwide network and of our will to build up a distribution with a long-term approach. This new boutique shows the immense faith Corum places in the highly-developing Chinese market and the significant investments the brand is determined to do. Convinced by the brand awareness amongst Chinese consumers and their deep knowledge for high end horology, Corum will continue to strengthen its presence giving us the means to grow. The next step is planned in Beijing.”

Positioned as an exclusive brand, Corum offers high-quality watch collections featuring original and unique designs, outfitted with horological movements. Corum will hold a special exhibition displaying the brand’s development and history in Plaza 66, allowing the Shanghai public to experience first-hand the awe and beauty of the brand’s Vintage collection, inspired by the brand’s historical creations, entirely dedicated to the boutique concept. This collection will be completed every year with a new model.

Swiss Prestige
Founded in 1988 by Emil J.F. Klingelfuss, Swiss Prestige is managed by Ms. Jacqueline Ng as its CEO & Managing Director and headed by Emil Klingelfuss as its Chairman. Firmly established as a leading agent of fine Swiss watches throughout Asia, with offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, and Taipei, Swiss Prestige is representing CORUM as sole agent in Hong Kong, Macau, China and Australia. Thanks to the quality of their work, their high-end network and their strong professionalism, they gained the trust of major watch brands.

Founded in 1955 in La-Chaux-de-Fonds, CORUM is known as one of the most spirited and innovative watchmakers in the world, with its pioneering and distinctive design equipped with sophisticated mechanical movements. By upholding the brand’s core value of quality and creativity for 55 years, CORUM put constant effort in its upmarket move, recapturing its historical standing while significantly reinforcing its horological substance by substantially investing in the integration of watchmaking craft trades, the development of production tools, the enhancement of human resources and the promotion of staff training. The result is a brand entirely in tune with its genetic heritage.

  • Shanghai Boutique ribbon cutting : Alain Chung, Iris Tsui, Jacqueline Ng, Heinrich Schellenberg, Antonio Calce