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Rimowa’s Mars and Mercury, towards infinity and beyond…

Known and trusted for its premium aluminum luggage with iconic parallel grooves, Rimowa introduces two new limited edition colors. Bright orange and grey with a hint of blue, these versions, named Mars and Mercury, join an already iconic collection of suitcases with a robustness and lightness that has nothing to prove. A look back at an iconic travel accessory, and not the least.

By Chloé Redler

Rimowa, on orbite

A design faithful to the brand’s DNA 

From their name, these two Rimowa suitcases invite to an extraordinary journey into space. But let’s come back down to earth and take a closer look at these new products that have recently arrived in collection. 

Mars, la nouvelle valise Rimowa d'un orange vif et intense
Mars, the bright orange version of Rimowa’s “Trunk Plus” (€1,450).

Available in “Trunk Plus” (€1,450) for the Mars version – a vibrant orange colour – and available in “Check-In L” (€1,110) for the Mercury version – a slightly bluish grey colour – the two novelties presented by the famous Rimowa suitcase brand are also available in a “Cabin” edition (€860). Their design, inspired by the original Rimowa trunks, features the emblematic and characteristic parallel grooves.

Mercure, la nouvelle valise de Rimowa au style élégant et sophistiqué
More discreet but nonetheless intense, the grey color with bluish shades dresses the Rimowa “Cabin” edition (€860).

Undeniable technical specificities

Indispensable accessories for a weekend away or a longer stay – which we have temporarily postponed because of the pandemic – Rimowa luggage is made of anodised aluminium, a remarkably resistant material. To achieve these unique and vibrant colours, Rimowa introduces pigments directly into the aluminium, giving it that extra reflective and shiny property. Equipped with TSA (Transportation Security Administration) approved locks, the case can be opened at any time by the security services during checks.

Le verrou TSA équipe l'ensemble des valises Rimowa
As with the Mars and Mercury models, all Rimowa cases are equipped with TSA (Transportation Security Administration) approved locks.

For ease of movement, it is equipped with an ingenious wheel system called Multiwheel®. Developed by Rimowa, it ensures stable steering and great manoeuvrability thanks to a telescopic handle that makes it easy to manoeuvre the case in the flow of passengers.

The unique journey of the mythical Rimowa 

When craftsmanship meets aluminum at Rimowa 

In 1898, the founder of the future Rimowa brand, Paul Morszeck, opened a saddlery in a district of Cologne in Germany. 

Fondateur de la future marque Rimowa, Paul Morszeck ouvre, en 1898, une sellerie à Cologne en Allemagne.
Founder of the future Rimowa brand, Paul Morszeck opened a saddlery in Cologne, Germany in 1898.

Over the years, the workshop has specialized in wardrobe trunks and then in lightweight wooden and leather suitcases. 

Les malles et les valises en bois et en cuir de l'entreprise Rimowa
Before becoming a specialist in high-end luggage, the company gradually began to produce lightweight wooden and leather wardrobe trunks and suitcases.

But the company’s fate changed at the end of the 1930s. For the record, a fire destroyed the factory, leaving only the aluminium parts intact. Eureka! Paul’s son, Richard, decided to launch the first aluminium suitcase, RIMOWA (short for RIchard MOrszeck WArenzeichen).

L'âge d'or de l'aviation a inspiré le design des bagages Rimowa
The iconic grooves in Rimowa’s cases are reminiscent of the casings of the first metal civil aviation aircraft made in Germany.

A favourite with discerning travellers, it is slowly gaining momentum. Inspired by the golden age of aviation and in homage to the first all-metal civil aircraft made in Germany, this revolutionary luggage has the signature design it is known for today, with its parallel grooves.

In the age of advanced technology

L'évolution des valises Rimowa
The evolution of the famous Rimowa suitcase in pictures.

The Rimowa suitcase is a popular travel accessory for the international jet-set and comes in different versions that are essential for explorers, photographers and journalists. Named “Tropicana” – no relation to the famous orange juice brand! – the model is totally waterproof and reinforced to protect the equipment from the shocks and humidity of the tropical forests as well as the icy cold of the poles. A major innovation for adventurers!

La valise Tropicana de Rimowa
Fully waterproof, the Tropicana protects fragile equipment from tropical humidity and freezing cold.

In its desire to be at the cutting edge of the latest technological innovations, the brand offers a polycarbonate model that is even lighter than aluminium and extremely resistant: 3.2 kg for a “Cabin” model or 5.4 kg for the “Trunk Plus”.

Innovation majeure de Rimowa, sa valise en polycarbonate
Combining traditional know-how and innovation, Rimowa presents its ultra light polycarbonate editions (3.2 kg for a “Cabin” model).

Rimowa also collects innovations: Multiwheel® patented wheel system, TSA locks or the Salsa Air range with its lightest variants ever, etc.

Système à roulettes Multiwheel®, verrous TSA, ou encore les nouveaux coloris inédits, les nombreuses innovations de Rimowa.
The Multiwheel® system, TSA locks and new colors are just some of Rimowa’s many innovations.

New Rimowa 2021 collection

Le grand sac à dos Never Still de Rimowa
Never Still large backpack in durable canvas and full-grain leather, black and cactus green (€1,200).

Every year, Rimowa offers collections that are more and more lifestyle and modern. This season, for example, we find the Never Still line with the backpack, the weekend bag and the shopping bag.

Le cabas Never Still de Rimowa
The Never Still Black tote bag is ideal for storing your everyday belongings in its spacious compartment and removable zipped pocket (€900).

Highly functional fashion accessories for everyday use that complement the Personal collection and its polycarbonate shoulder bags for carrying everyday essentials.

Personal desert pink can be worn with the detachable leather shoulder strap or as a clutch (€980).

The Watch Case Rimowa

The ultimate accessory for timepiece collectors, the Watch Case Rimowa (€1,600) is a grooved aluminum travel case that can hold three watches. Reminiscent of the brand’s iconic luggage design, this case in limited edition is designed to fit in a suitcase or travel bag. Cylindrical in shape, it contains three removable cushions and an additional protective cushion to protect watches during transport.

Inspired by the design of the House’s iconic cases, the Watch Case Rimowa can accommodate up to three watches (€1,600).