Sales of unique artworks from the petit h, the Hermès creative laboratory

By MyWatch
A scrap of leather falls from the leather craftsman’s cutting table. It won’t be used for the bag. This piece of leather, a noble material selected by Hermès, becomes a raw material for a new creation…
This is petit h : thanks to artists’ unconventional way of seeing things paired with the expert hands of Hermès craftsmen, petit h intends to give a second life to these materials, objects, unused “treasures”… found and gathered at Hermès.
The petit h workshop is a creative laboratory bringing together, under the same roof, artists and Hermès materials and know-how. The direct contact fo ideas and hands, with the material as muse, encourages creativity and the realisation of unique artworks that are surprising and unexpected, like, for exemple this Coucou Kelly Bag.
The range of petit h creations form a true cabinet of curiosities, wich will be presented at travelling, temporary sales at Hermès stores.
Petit h draws its materials, know-how and values from Hermès, and plays with them with the independence of an artist, for creations as free as art.
Petit h, a small jazz band, right next to the Hermès symphony orchestra.
Next sales of “petit h” :
Hong-Kong from 26th september to 18th october 2012
Bruxelles from 6th to 24th december 2012
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