The 35 years of Raymond Weil celebrated with Maestria

By MyWatch
True to the chic and classic spirit of the collection, maestro, a mechanical watch with automatic winding, displays a timeless elegance and an uncompromising love for watchmaking tradition. This model, equipped with the moon phase function and two counters indicating the day and month, has a full-skin alligator strap. Its 18 ct. yellow gold 39mm diameter case and its crown, bearing the famous RW monogram, make this timepiece a “must-have” for the year 2011. While 35 years of success represent an impressive period for RAYMOND WEIL, prestige and excellence are completely timeless.
The saga of three generations, who understood how to make their independence their greatest strength.
Creativity, watchmaking know-how, accessibility and above all, independence: through the years, the RAYMOND WEIL dynasty has been inventing and boldly reinventing itself, while still preserving the DNA of its original success.
If know-how is handed down traditionally from generation to generation, so is the passion for watchmaking! Don’t be fooled by appearances, RAYMOND WEIL, which has experienced an exceptional and constant expansion for more than 35 years on the international markets with its undeniable Swiss Made quality, is a family business.
Today, Elie and Pierre Bernheim, the 3rd generation, have joined their father, the son-in-law of Raymond Weil, Olivier Bernheim, as directors, becoming in their turn the guardians of an exceptional heritage. Thus the family structure is imposing its style with a human face in the jungle of a highly competitive market; and behind the family spirit lies an extraordinary vision of performance.
In 35 years and with the arrival of two successive generations, RAYMOND WEIL, founded in 1976 by its originator of the same name, has been able to evolve with the times. The evolution of its product range with the introduction of new, more sophisticated, mechanical models, the reinforcement of the opening price point collections and the broadening of the communication strategy, as well as the creation of the RW Club (the first club to be developed by a a
watch brand) are some of the Brand’s success factors.
Like musicians who assemble musical notes into a work of harmony, the four members of the RAYMOND WEIL “clan” all know how to compose as a team and as individuals. At the very beginning in 1976, Mr. Raymond Weil dared to claim his independence and created his own brand in the middle of a watch industry crisis.
In 1982, Olivier Bernheim, Raymond Weil’s son-in-law, joined the company and became its Managing Director and General Manager in 1996. His dynamism, his entrepreneurial and visionary spirit and his demonstrated sense of aesthetics enabled the Swiss watchmaking company to develop internationally, while preserving its family identity. In 1999, he founded the Research and Development Department, which invented many of Raymond Weil’s own innovations.
In 2006, the family company proudly celebrated its 30th anniversary with the arrival of the third generation at the helm, Elie and Pierre Bernheim. For the Brand’s partners, family continuity is a guarantee of equilibrium, stability and continuity. However, the younger generation with its fresh ambitions also incarnates renewal: a new visual identity, a new approach to luxury and the use of new technologies. The RW Club was thus created and provides an exclusive, unique and privileged service to RAYMOND WEIL clients.
Music and art are at the centre of the RAYMOND WEIL universe. The Swiss watchmaker is imposing itself as the orchestra conductor with collections named after the most famous operas, the creation of one of the main photography competitions, the RAYMOND WEIL International Photography Prize, and a vocation as sponsor in the art milieu.
In 2011, RAYMOND WEIL thus combines 35 years of history and is celebrating its ruby anniversary with the world of luxury watchmaking. The ruby, one of the most precious stones, represents victory, love, happiness and the passion of a family that has built a well-established company, among the industry’s biggest, while retaining a human dimension.
  • The maestro Edition 35ème Anniversaire : a beautiful piece of classical spirit and with complications.
  • The maestro Edition 35ème Anniversaire : a beautiful piece of classical spirit and with complications.
  • Raymond Weil : a family story… Raymond Weil, Olivier, Elie and Pierre Bernheim.