The Louvre museum and Swatch, at the hour of art 3.0

By MyWatch

At the occasion of the thirty years of the Louvre Pyramid, art met watchmaking thanks to an original collaboration between the Louvre museum and Swatch who permitted to print the outcry of masters directly on the watch wich created a unique piece. To discover till June 17th, directly at the Swatch store of the Carrousel or on the brand’s website.

Since 1985, the Swiss giant’s iconic small quartz watch has already made numerous appearances in these kinds of creative partnerships, notably with the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid, and contemporary artists among others. This time, the house of Swatch associated itself with the Louvre museum to offer an innovative and immersive experience destined to the public in their stores located at the Louvre’s Carrousel, thanks to the new online service Swatch X you.

The concept is simple and attractive: position a detail of a painting on its watch to obtain a unique design. The visitors can also choose the color of the mechanism

(black or silver) and, for a more personalized version, you can print a message (15 characters maximum) on the back of the watch. In short, there is an infinite number of combinations to obtain a unique Swatch.

The new possible designs :

A new exclusive patter for the 30th anniversary of the Louvre’s Pyramid

Throughout 2019, the Louvre museum celebrates the 30 years of the Pyramid created by the architect Sino-American Leoh Ming Pei, a symbol of boldness and innovation. On this occasion, the Louvre Museum and Swatch offer a pattern Swatch X You, unique tricolor depicting a mirror illustration of the Parisian monument in the center of the Napoleonic court,

Jacques-Louis David’s Sacre of Napoléon (1807) – Neoclassicism

The painting of the French artist Jacques-Louis David, who was the official painter of Napoleon the first, immortalizes the coronation of Empress Josephine and the coronation of Empress Josephine in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris on December 2, 1804. Taking up the rules of neoclassicism of which he is the master of, David realizes this canvas so that all eyes converge towards Napoleon at the center of the composition,

The viewing gallery of Ancient Rome, Giovanni Paolo Panini (1757) – Baroque

The oil on canvas of the Italian Giovanni Paolo Panini is a baroque representation of a Capriccio (a whim): a partially imaginary landscape. It depicts in detail a large room housing a collection of imaginary paintings depicting different places and buildings of ancient Rome as well as reproductions of sculptures of Roman artists.

The Seasons, Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1573) – Renaissance

The Seasons are a series of four portraits painted by the Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo of 1563 to 1573. These portraits are a glorification of the Habsburg house at a time when the Italian caricature, dear to Leonardo DA Vinci, is in fashion. Arcimboldo uses a large variety of plants to bear witness to the vastness of the territories of the imperial family and resort to the allegory of the seasons to signify the permanence of their empire. These portraits are part of artwork who are the most famous of the Renaissance time period and were gathered to make one unique design.

Swatch Louvre Limited Edition, Price : 110 € – Available on the e-shop of Swatch