the manufacture goes into orbit, presentation of the latest watchmaking creations

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Zenith’s sales reached blast off last year with the ceo announcing double-digit growth. This development is primarily due to the collections being refocused on the brand’s founding values: esthetics, accuracy, and technical complexity. the tone has been set! Not satisfied with simply perpetuating tradition, Zenith is reinventing it with style and panache.

A sneak preview in geneva
On the evening of Sunday, January 16th, a panel of over 100 international journalists and retailers of the brand gathered in Geneva. This annual meeting, held before the first watchmaking trade show of the year, has become an unmissable event. The curtain was raised to the sounds of the Gypsy Queens, who provided the soundtrack for this presentation.

Zenith in orbit – the three new lines
The Captain, available in three versions, is the purest expression of Zenith’s watchmaking heritage. Each one features a useful complication: power reserve, moon phase or second time zone. The second line, Chronomaster, brilliantly combines the most rigorous watchmaking tradition with contemporary boldness. The Chronomaster Open showcases the very heart of time, revealing its movement’s 36,000 vibrations through an opening in its dial. This open window piques our curiosity through both the magic it exudes and the questions it raises. But let there be no doubt: the Chronomaster Open is above all a technological exploit, a timepiece that is 100% technology, 100% passion. The third line, the El Primero Striking 10th, is currently flying high above the Earth at a speed of 27,700 km/h. Launched by a Soyuz rocket, the watch reached the International Space Station (ISS) in December 2010. It will remain in space for six months, orbiting the Earth.

The pioneering spirit
Zenith has always been a trailblazer in previously unexplored fields. The three new lines presented in Geneva are further proof of the brand’s ability to innovate and launch exceptional models before anyone else. For the first time at Zenith, the Striking 10th model provides a visible mechanical expression of the tenths of a second it measures, i.e. each beat of the heart that drives the famous El Primero.

The three new lines are described in detail in three press releases available on the following website:

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