The marriage is honored by Baume & Mercier with Hampton watches

By MyWatch
In the Middle East, the importance of gathering family and friends is unsurpassed, and celebrations often consist of thousands. In China, red is the color of choice, to represent prosperity, whereas in Japan, the bride wears white as a symbol of purity. Meanwhile, the Danish remove the bridegroom’s right sock and cut a hole in the toe to make sure other women don’t find him attractive! From Dubai to Beijing, there is the same tradition of friends and relatives bestowing gifts on the newlyweds as a sign of their affection. Everywhere in the world Baume & Mercier watches are chosen to commemorate this celebration of two lives joining together, engraving forever in their hearts these moments of shared happiness. Life is about moments.
The Hampton Collection by Baume & Mercier is the perfect collection for couples, similar to the place from which it takes its name where sea and land are joined together. Combining a relaxed style with the finest craftsmanship, the collection perfectly embodies seaside living and a timeless lifestyle of sophistication and simplicity. The spirit of Baume & Mercier is personified through these timepieces in a perfect blend of innovation and tradition, revealed through a constant quest for authenticity.
The Hampton collection of harmonious watches exercises its powers of seduction through refined design and everlasting charm, for him and for her. With its architectural lines and characteristic rectangular shape, the contemporary and elegant new Hampton collection has taken the best aspects of a historic piece from the 1940s, and enhanced it with designs and features that are resolutely modern. Like an eternal sunrise, the warm sparkle of the 18K red gold and encrusted diamonds light up the rich palette of dials in maritime tones, from the copper of portholes to the silver of driftwood on the beach.
Baume & Mercier is pleased to introduce a “duo” box for the Hampton Collection, unique packaging as memorable as the special moments it marks.
  • Hampton for Her (Réf. 10023) and Hampton for Him (Réf. : 10029) are now available in a 'duo' box.