The polo inspire Hublot : a new complication for Polo matches

By MyWatch
Action, precision, fusion, all with great respect for tradition… the image conveyed by polo is perfectly in keeping with the values espoused by Hublot. A close partner of the Polo Gold Cup Gstaad for the last four years, Hublot is proud to have renewed its association with this magnificent tournament, which took place in a stunning setting deep in the Swiss Alps.

This year’s edition – between the 18th and 21st August – was a little bit special, as Hublot unveiled the new Chukker Bang the design of which takes inspiration directly from the world of polo. Developed in conjunction with Facundo Pieres, one of the world’s best polo players and a Hublot ambassador, who contributed his experience and ideas, the Chukker Bang is a 44 mm diameter Big Bang equipped with a titanium grille – a first for Hublot – affixed to its bezel in order to protect the sapphire crystal.
Note: the grille can be removed from the bezel if desired. The special feature of the HUB1141 Polo Flyback automatic chronograph movement is its 7 min 30 counter which reflects the length of one period of play, or “chukka”, in a polo match, from which the model takes the name “Chukker Bang”. Its chronograph hand completes one revolution of the dial in 30 seconds. This watch is available either in a limited edition titanium version of 500 numbered pieces, or in a more glamourous version with a diamond-set grille.

  • The Hublo Chukker Bang is distinguished by a titanium grille affixed on the bezel and who can be removed. apposée sur la lunette et amovible.
  • Team Gstaad Palace received the honors at the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad.