The quote of 3 Bell & Ross collectors

By MyWatch
Among the hundreds of items to be auctioned such as aircraft cockpits, propellers and dashboards, enthusiasts could also find 3 Bell & Ross watches:
– 1 Pilot Aéronaval Sapphire, edited to 150 pieces
– 2 BR03 Aviation Type, one in Steel, the other in Carbon, each version edited to 250 pieces.
These two models were produced in a limited edition in 2007 (for the Pilot Aéronaval Sapphire) and in 2009 (for the BR03 Aviation Type) upon the special request of the French Naval Aviation Force and respectively the French Air Force.
Not for sale for the public and exclusively available for the members of these elite forces, the two models display on the dial the emblem of each of the two army units.
The 3 watches were successfully sold; the bids exceeded their normal selling price.
This auction, the most reliable indicator of watch value through time, proves the importance of Bell & Ross’ quotation for their military references.
The watches’ selling price compared to their auctioned prices :
– BR03 Aviation Type Black Carbon finish : 4 800 € or + 208 %
– BR03 Aviation Type Steel finish : 4 300 € or + 245 %
– Pilot Aéronavale Sapphire : 6 100 € or + 363 %
Bell & Ross is delighted by this performance, the sign of their creations’ durability.
  • The good quotation of the Bell & Ross military references