The return of M. Roger Dubuis

By MyWatch
Geneva-based watchmaking brand Roger Dubuis is pleased to announce the return of master watchmaker himself, Roger Dubuis to the Manufacture that bears his name. Having founded the firm in 1995 and moved on in 2005 to share his expertise with other watchmakers, Mr Dubuis today returns to the Geneva Manufacture he set up over 16 years ago, in order to share his wealth of experience, as he assumes the role of “natural” ambassador.
As a master watchmaker of widely-acclaimed skill, founder of the firm in 1995, and instigator of the policy to certify all Roger Dubuis calibres with the geneva seal, Mr Dubuis is excited and emotional about his return to the Manufacture: “i am both happy and moved to be back at the heart of the firm i gave everything to, from my passion, to my name and to support the revival of this remarkable house.”
Mr Dubuis plans to spend the coming years passing on his wisdom and experience to the innovative young teams led by Head of Movement Development, Gregory Bruttin. Such mentoring will lend the weight of experience to the avant-garde vision that is key to the brand’s fabulous potential for creativity. Mr Dubuis holds within him the DNA and roots of the firm and will thus act as ambassador to the elite of fine watchmaking all over the world.
Georges Kern, Ceo of Roger Dubuis, sees more than one advantage to these close ties with the founder: “The fact that Mr Dubuis has chosen to come back to the firm indicates that we are honouring the history and emblematic aesthetics of the brand and are moving in the right direction. The entire team at the Manufacture is, like me, delighted to have the opportunity to draw on the watchmaking talent of Roger Dubuis and his inherent encyclopaedic knowledge.”
As an unconventional visionary, Mr Dubuis had the insight to position the brand from the outset as the only watchmaker to certify every Roger Dubuis calibre with the prestigious geneva seal.
The proud continuation of traditions and aesthetics he laid down 16 years ago gives Mr Dubuis good cause for enthusiasm: “i see a glittering future for Roger Dubuis. As i see it, the strong values that have been and are the strength of the brand continue to be upheld,” he concluded.
  • Mr. Roger Dubuis - Nicolas Guerin, Paris © ROGER DUBUIS 2011
  • Mr. Roger Dubuis - Nicolas Guerin, Paris © ROGER DUBUIS 2011
  • Mr. Roger Dubuis et Mr. Gregory Bruttin - Nicolas Guerin, Paris © ROGER DUBUIS 2011