Tissot won the first prize in the category ‘Classic-Enterprise’ of the International Timing Competition 2011

By MyWatch

The first prize for the “Classic – Enterprise” division was awarded to Tissot SA.

Following scientific, technical and cultural procedures that were carried out in official certified laboratories of Besançon’s Observatory and by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (Swiss Official Controlling of Timing) in Bienne and Le Locle as well as being exposed to particularly tough magnetic fields and shocks at the Haute Ecole Arc in le Locle, the jury revealed the great winners of the Enterprise categories – Ecole, Classic and Tourbillons.
Derived from a timepiece of the Tissot collection, the leader of this year’s « Classic » category, named after the mother commune of the Neuchâtel Mountains “Le Locle”, portrays the innovative and traditional values of the brand. As such, this watch is symbolic to the Tissot classic range.
Tissot is accustomed to participating in timing contests and already in 1885, the company received first place for their pocket watch timing movement. These contests allow the brand to keep reaching further and push their limits in terms of the quality of their products as well as proving themselves as a brand in a competitive market.
Francois Thiébaud, the Tissot President emphasises « Receiving this award is a great honor for us and we would like to dedicate it to everyone that contributed to our knowledge and expertise, which remains unique to Switzerland. »
This year’s piece is a tribute to the people from Le Locle, without whom none of this would have been possible. Thanks to their support, Tissot has been able to explore new territories, opportunities and horizons for now nearly 160 years, along their exceptional journey across times. This experience is what makes the company what it is today, forging its competence and know-how that allowed it to produce the timepiece for this special occasion.
Today, Tissot continues more dynamic and motivated than ever on the watchmaking path, gaining priceless knowledge every single day and remembering the good old times that brought them where they presently stand when producing jewels such as these.
  • François Thiébaud, the Tissot Président, receives the prize 'Classic – Enterprise' category of the International Timing Competition 2011.
  • 'Le Locle' Tissot timepiece, the leader of « Classic » category of the International Timing Competition 2011.