An Oris limited edition for the pearl of European rallies

By MyWatch
It also marks a return to the prestigious Puerto Portals, a glamorous marina with the perfect combination of sporting excellence and entertainment. The rally circuit itself takes in the stunning scenery of the local area, with winding roads and hairpin corners hemmed in by rugged cliff tops and beautiful ocean views.

The Oris Rally Clásico Isla Mallorca began in 2001, when classic car enthusiast and experienced driver Toni Dezcallar took charge of its organisation, launching what was to be one of the most respected and popular rally courses in Europe.

The Oris Rally Clásico Isla Mallorca attracts a high calibre of drivers, who return to race year on year, drawn by the challenging nature of the race and the competitive yet friendly camaraderie between the participants. Cars of note in this year’s rally included a Jaguar C-Type 1963, a Porsche 356 Roadster 1960 and an Alfa Romeo SZ 1962.

The world of classic motorsport has played a crucial part in the history of Oris, who have an established tradition of creating emblematic timepieces dedicated to the sport. This longstanding tradition, along with Oris’s commitment to producing timepieces of mechanical excellence, means they are uniquely placed as a company to partner such a prestigious race as the Oris Rally Clásico Isla Mallorca.

To celebrate their new title sponsorship, Oris have created a unique timepiece, the Oris Calobra Limited Edition, inspired by the classic cars that compete in the rally. Its name pays tribute to Sa Calobra, one of the most famous legs of the rally, and the watch bears a tie-knot engraving on its back face.

  • The Oris Calobra Limited Edition.
  • The Oris Calobra Limited Edition. Backside view.
  • The Oris Rally Clasico Isla Mallorca being the pearl of European rallies attracted many enthusiasts.