Breguet, a major patron of the Louvre

By MyWatch
Breguet, major patron of the restoration of the Louvre’s Louis XIV to Louis XVI rooms, is celebrating the re-opening of these spaces in conjunction with the greatest museum in the world. The prestigious watchmaker promises an exceptional private event, worthy of the pomp and splendour of the historical royal palace. On this occasion, Breguet will also treat its guests to a unique concert by young soprano, Polina Pasztircsák, winner of the 65th Geneva International Music Competition that the watchmaker has been sponsoring since 2002.
This year, in 2014, the exceptional patronage project amounting to several million euro launched by Nicolas G. Hayek in 2009 will reach completion under the watchful eye of his grandson, Marc A. Hayek. Undertaken at the beginning of the 1980s, the last stage of the work at the Grand Louvre consisted in renovating the rooms housing all the 18th century art collections.
Closed to the public for nearly ten years, the estimated 2,500 m2 area that has been restored is now entirely revamped. The museography and educational presentations have also been completely revised. This redeployment of the collections allows the works to be integrated with a unique palatial architecture combining visibility and clarity. In this way, justice is done to the splendour of creations brimming with history and symbolising Europe’s rich cultural heritage.
Through this patronage, Breguet is not only continuing its support of European culture, but also reinforcing its connection with the Louvre Museum. From 1802 onwards, Abraham-Louis Breguet had the honour of presenting his masterpieces at the Louvre in the context of its second Exhibition of Industrial Products. A few years later, Vivant Denon, the first “patron” of the Louvre and distant predecessor of Jean-Luc Martinez, acquired a minute repeater Breguet watch as well as a bisque clock bought in 1810 and 1811 respectively. Amongst the 18th century art collection at the Louvre is in addition a huge watchmaking range including very beautiful Breguet creations partly bequeathed in 1961 by the widow of Lyon industrialist, Claudius Côte. But we particularly owe the significant strengthening of ties between the two companies to the 2009 exhibition organised on the initiative of Henri Loyrette – then president and director of the Louvre – and entitled “Breguet at the Louvre. An Apogee of European Watchmaking”.
Today, the House of Breguet is proud to once again be side-by-side with the Louvre on the occasion of the reopening of the 18th century art rooms, and thus contribute to the international promotion of its fabulous collections.
  • Musée du Louvre, dpt. des Objets d'art (c) 2014 Musée du Louvre
  • Musée du Louvre, dpt. des Objets d'art (c) 2014 Musée du Louvre
  • Musée du Louvre, dpt. des Objets d'art (c) 2014 Musée du Louvre