Celestial elegance

The RM 07-01 Intergalactic by Richard Mille enchants women and takes them on a journey to the stars, where innovation meets elegant jewellery. This collection of watches is also the perfect representation of the Maison’s designing and technical vision. Space exploration, taking off.

By Marine Ulrich

The tonneau-shaped case of a Richard Mille watch is instantly recognisable. This model is the smallest in the collection and can doubtless embrace even the tiniest wrists. But it will also appeal to women through the great choice of materials, the impressive performance of its core mechanism, and – above all – the gorgeous dial set with precious stones.

A “spatial” quartet

Journey to the stars with the new, cosmic Richard Mille collection: the RM 07-01 Intergalactic.

The cases of this Intergalactic collection were crafted in three different materials. First, ultra-light, black Carbon TPT®, pattern-welded to ensure each piece is unique. Second, grey or red gold for a bright and satin finish both to the touch and to the naked eye. Finally, the Maison used ultra-resistant ceramic. As always, Richard Mille has dedicated a great part of its research and development to the case construction. The Maison crafted the bezel and caseback in Carbon TPT®, an extremely tough and resistant material made of hundreds of layers of parallel filaments – 30-micron maximum thickness – obtained by dividing carbon fibres.

Dark Night model.

The RM 07-01 is powered by the CRMA2 manufacture calibre, specially developed for the collection. The completely skeletonised movement – a true feat in micromechanics – is revealed through the case and powers the hour and minute functions with an approx. 50-hour power reserve. The calibre in grade 5 titanium is equipped with a variable geometry rotor, and much more… The watch also features the most intricate elements in watchmaking such as the grade 5 titanium baseplate and bridges, the variable inertia balance wheel, the fast-rotating barrel or the optimum gear teeth profile – not to mention the various treatments and decorations which turn this mechanical heart into watchmaking art. The dazzling diamonds shine upon the inner workings.

The four models of the RM 07-01 Intergalactic are powered by the completely skeletonised CRMA2 manufacture calibre.

RM 07-01 Intergalactic, diamonds in orbit

The star event of our spatial journey is no doubt the dialogue between the mechanical heart of the watch and its precious stones. Diamonds, soon joined by tiny red-gold-set prongs , enhance the case and stud it with a multitude of shining stars.

The Misty Night RM 07-01 Intergalactic.

The watch boasts an unprecedented combination of black carbon and the diamond-set case, bracelet and dial. The hand-crafted gem-setting varies in size between models but remains just as technical, aesthetic, architectural and graphic throughout the collection – truly Richard Mille’s DNA. Each dial was meticulously set with diamonds on a jasper, onyx, mother-of-pearl or carbon background. The “Dark Night” model, which symbolises the origin of our Universe, displays 51 diamonds and 765 red gold prongs, enhancing the many constellations on the watch. On the dial, no diamonds – just a few reflections of gold. The dawn of the Universe was indeed much darker… As for the “Starry Night” model, it includes 181 diamonds and 701 gold prongs both on the dial and the case. It is the only watch of the collection with a Carbon TPT® strap.

The Bright Night RM 07-01 Intergalactic.

The most distinctive feature of the “Bright Night” model is doubtless its red gold, micro-blasted case middle. A dazzling ensemble which the 228 diamonds and 849 red gold prongs can only emphasise. And the “Misty Night” model marks a splendid finale with its two decorative red gold pillars on the case middle. And perfect score for the sparkling 251 diamonds and 1123 red gold prongs, no less. There’s no limit to beauty when it comes to dressing a woman’s wrist with a Richard Mille.

Starry Night model.

The dynamics of the RM 07-01, like all other Richard Mille watches, are powered by a movement that is enhanced by the decorative stones. Once again, the Maison proves its great savoir-faire and its will to step out of the box and appeal to female clients. And this captivating piece will no doubt suit their taste both with its technicality and beauty.

Dark Night 170 000 CHF (excl. taxes)
Misty Night 220 000 CHF (excl. taxes)
Bright Night 220 000 CHF (excl. taxes)
Starry Night 270 000 CHF (excl. taxes)

Click here to read the RM 07-01 Intergalactic full technical sheets.


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