Curtain up: Boucheron, patron of the arts of the „Comédie Française?

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Boucheron, internationally known as the symbolic jeweler of French „Art de Vivre?, has chosen to become a patron of the arts by partnering with the „Comédie Française? starting in Spring 2011. Both these historic Houses share the same values of audacity and creativity. Through them, the essence of French excellence is represented and each in their own way evoke intense, rare and precious emotions.

Boucheron?s first boutique was opened in 1858 in the Palais Royal?s gardens, and therefore this partnership also celebrates Boucheron?s return to its source.
In 2012, the troop of actors known as the „Comédiens-Français? will be installed in the middle of these “Royal” gardens in a seasonal theatre – reminiscent of Molière?s favorite outdoor playhouses.

“Performing arts are a historic theme cherished by the House of Boucheron” declared Cyril Pain, Boucheron?s Europe & US Director. “The House exemplifies this in its recent collaboration with the „Cirque du Soleil? in 2010. Boucheron likes to surprise with its creations. It seemed natural to collaborate with the „Comédie Française?, whose repertoire ranges from the very contemporary to classical”.

“The „Comédie Française? and the House of Boucheron both share a pride of their artisans as well as their unique savoir-faire” said Muriel Mayette, General Administrator of the „Comédie Française?. “Our new collaboration emphasizes our shared values, and it is with joy and confidence that we join together on the delicate and complex path of creation.”

The „Comédie Française? is the oldest national theatre company in the world and one of the most prestigious. For more than three centuries, it has fascinated and attracted legendary writers, directors and actors.
Founded in 1680 on the order of Louis XIV to gather Paris? theatre companies around Molière?s own group of actors, it is currently comprised of 400 full-time staff with nearly as many part-timers.
With a repertoire of more than 3 000 plays, „Le Français? presents a mixture of classic, modern and contemporary works by French and foreign playwrights. It presents approximately 800 performances per year on its three stages, the Salle Richelieu, the Vieux Colombier and the Studio Theatre, and attracts an audience of more than 350 000 people annually. The Comédie-Française has toured extensively in Europe, USA, Korea, Japan, Australia, South America and most recently visited London, New York and Moscow. The very first international trip was to London in 1867.
The Comédie-Française produces, shoots and broadcasts its own shows and holds a large catalogue of audiovisual productions.

Boucheron: A dynasty of French jewelers, founded by Frédéric Boucheron in 1858, established the House across four generations of the founder?s direct descendants. Today, the brand pursues its international development with its characteristic boldness, elegance and panache.
With its clientele of film stars, authors, artists, maharajahs and billionaires, Boucheron – which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2008 – holds particular appeal for those whose celebrity and status find a match in its magnificent creations, may it be for jewelry of watches.
With the magical ease of a true artist, Place Vendome?s master jeweler selects and combines precious stones from an extensive palette of flamboyant colors from among the world?s rarest and most desirable gems. With its free spirited and audacious designs, the House of Boucheron constantly reinvents the timeless essence of unique elegance.
Boucheron is owned by PPR, a worldwide leading luxury and lifestyle group. Shares in PPR are traded on the Euronext Paris (#121485, PRTP.PA, PPFP).

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