JeanRichard above the Grand Canyon

By MyWatch

Swiss watchmaker JEANRICHARD congratulates their ambassador Nik Wallenda on his awe-inspiring crossing of the Grand Canyon and the setting of yet another Guinness World Record – his seventh so far.

High wire master Wallenda completed a tightrope walk that took him a quarter mile (circa 400 meters) over the Little Colorado River Gorge in northeastern Arizona on Sunday, June 23, 2013. He performed the stunt on a 2 inch (5 cm)
steel cable, about 1,500 feet (425 meters) above the river on the Navajo Nation’s Hellhole Bend in the Grand Canyon. The 34-year-old took only a little over 22 minutes (22’54’’) to accomplish this impressive challenge, without a tether or safety net, which was also covered extensively by Discovery Channel and smashed the network’s television, live, social media and digital rating records to the highest since 2010. During this historic walk, which comes a year after he traversed Niagara Falls, and for the first time ever, the “King of the Wire” wore a JEANRICHARD Terrascope timepiece on his wrist.

“We started working with Nik because we admire his personal values and how he lives his passion and pursues his dreams. He is an extraordinary man who loves what he does, inspiring not only us, but also everyone around him”, said Bruno Grande, COO of JEANRICHARD.

The Swiss watchmaker embarked on a unique adventure a year ago with a completely new identity and a new “Philosophy of Life”. Part of this journey is also to partner with personalities – such as Nik Wallenda – who represent this unique vision.

“Our Philosophy of Life is embodied by people who have strong values, standards and a passion for what they do; people who live their lives and dream to the fullest. All these attributes in turn drive them to extraordinary levels and in return they also drive us on a daily basis”, said Grande.

In the same way that Wallenda enjoys the challenge of walking on a wire, JEANRICHARD creates watches for those who enjoy authenticity. The timepieces are made for independent spirits who play by their own rules, and rather than just
focusing on the destination, prefer to enjoy the road being traveled.

With its sportive and elegant design, highly imaginative stainless-steel case, black dial and black rubber strap, the Terrascope has made its mark as perfect representative of the JEANRICHARD spirit and of its muses such as Nik Wallenda.

  • Nik Wallenda during his crossing of the Grand Canyon
  • Nik Wallenda during his crossing of the Grand Canyon