JEANRICHARD create a full-scale adventure in Paris

By MyWatch

Paris, September 2014 – Different worlds will collide. A symbiosis and a real blend has been created between JEANRICHARD, a luxury watch manufacturer founded in the 17th century by Daniel Jeanrichard, the legendary and iconic character of watchmaking’s great history, and Gully, the graffiti artist and, in his own words, “aerosol lover”. Just like Daniel Jeanrichard was a pioneer and artist of his era, Gully has an inventive and curious spirit, too. It is this same quest for discovery and challenge and a common Philosophy of Life that has led to this collaboration.

The product of this union is a collection of watches that has been created, inspired by the artist. The exclusive series of 25 “Graphiscope” watches, variations of the Terrascope collection, will be shown at Gully’s original exhibition “Philosophy of Art” at Opera Gallery in Paris, combining the Manufacture’s savoir-faire with the full impact of Gully’s artistic vision. According to Gully: “For JEANRICHARD, time is a Philosophy of Life, and I make my art, my Philosophy of Life. Thus, together we created an encounter, a true blend of street art and time. “

In order to highlight the passion for exploration, and the taste for challenges and adventure which characterise JEANRICHARD, the artist, the Swiss watch manufacturer and Opera Gallery have created a treasure hunt throughout Paris as the “playing field” on 20 September 2014.

Participants can sign up from 10 September 2014 onwards on the, and The aim is to find Gully’s painting “Philosophy of Art”, worth approximately 18,000 euros, as well as a black Terrascope JEANRICHARD watch, worth 2,600 euros. These two extraordinary object make up the first and second prizes of this Paris treasure hunt,.

More than ever, adventure is just around the corner…

  • JEANRICHARD Terrascope watch
  • Gully's painting