LV Fifty Five, the new watch of Louis Vuitton

By MyWatch

For its new watch, Louis Vuitton took inspiration in his old adventurer trunks in aluminium.

From the late 19thcentury onwards Louis Vuitton has offered its clientele, including elegant travellers and explorers alike, practical and long-lasting trunks, reputed for their ingenuity and modernist elegance. The contemporary look of these trunks has historically been enhanced by the use of technical materials such as zinc, copper and aluminium, making them very light. These tropical trunks had the advantage of being water resistant and protecting linen or fragile scientific instruments.

Taking inspiration from the legendary aluminium trunks, Louis Vuitton now presents a brand new watch, the LV Fifty Five – a versatile and contemporary timepiece with the clean, reflective beauty of classic steel. With its delicate composition, the LV Fifty Five watch brings a new dimension to Louis Vuitton timepieces. The fluid, measured lines of the watch makes it uniquely distinctive and subtly seductive.

LV Fifty Five 41 mm GMT

The metal plaques, inspired by the locks of the legendary trunks

The LV Fifty Five watch carries several Louis Vuitton signatures inspired by the company’s heritage, history and the world: evocative elements and remarkable lines. The most significant are the two metal plaques riveted and engraved with the name of Louis Vuitton – a reinterpretation of the plaques on the locks of the historic trunks. These unpickable and patented locks have guaranteed the security of Louis Vuitton trunks since 1890.

The discreet and finely engraved winding crown serves as a subtle reminder of the heads of the trunk rivets, rooting the watch firmly in the world of Louis Vuitton creations.

LV Fifty Five 36 mm

The dial marked with a V: Louis Vuitton’s iconic signature

The dial is contemporary in design, drawing on watchmaking expertise for its subtle finishes. The centre is satin-brushed with a sunburst motif. The rims feature for circular satin brushing. In highly refined detail, the dial is composed of two pieces with a convex circular dial in relief on which the hour markers are positioned. These are in the form of a V at every quarter and of a LV signature at 12 o’clock, flush at the centre and blending into the disc. They too, are a reference to Louis Vuitton’s heritage, particularly the famous triple V marking painted on numerous pieces of luggage. In a bold colour choice the hands are metallic emerald green – an original and highly singular shade.

A choice of three different movements is available for the new LV Fifty Five watch. The small, rather feminine model, 31mm in diameter and indicating the hours and minutes, is fitted with the ETA 256.031 quartz movement known for its extreme reliability and everyday ease of use. The medium model, resolutely unisex with its 36mm diameter, precisely marks the hours, minutes and seconds thanks to the ETA 2892 self-winding mechanical movement. Finally, the self-winding mechanism with GMT function, ETA 2893, puns the largest model, measuring 41mm in diameter.

The classic monogram signature founded by Louis Vuitton in 1854 is paid homage to, with the two entwined initials, it also appears on the brand new folding clasp designed exclusively for the LV Fifty Five watch. This pure and iconic monogram, made up of the two initials positioned within a ring, allows the refined shade of the leather bracelet to show through.

A trunk and leather goods maker with a mastery of all historic leather crafting techniques, Louis Vuitton uses its own leathers for this watch: Veau Cachemire for the small and medium models and Taurillon leather for the large model. It comes in three colours: pink, immediately giving the timepiece a highly sensual, powdery feminine charm; chic and refined grey for a model that may be shared by a couple, and more masculine black on the GMT model.

LV Fifty Five 31 mm

The steel bracelet, a reference to the handles of Louis Vuitton trunks

The LV Fifty Five collection is also presented with a brand new, highly supple and comfortable steel bracelet. Its exclusive mesh is a subtle reference to the curve of the handles of the brand’s historic trunks. Modernism is assured by the quality of the links’ assembly as well as comfortable feel.

The subtle and sophisticated LV Fifty Five watch is the perfect everyday travelling companion, discreetly elegant and a source of inspiration. It will be available January 8, 2016, between € 2,900 and € 4,500 depending on version.