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Olfactory and connected speaker

Le Compositeur designed by Compoz Parfum struck a chord and became an editors’ favourite. This ambient scent diffuser goes like clockwork thanks to its intuitive technology, its natural fragrances and its extremely modern design. The beat is set for this exclusive olfactory experience.

By Chloé Redler

When some people release music, other compose it… The new ambient perfume diffuser works exactly the same way and was designed in the French workshops of Compoz Parfum. The designer Alnoor Mitha de Bharat conceived Le Compositeur like a speaker that would play our favourite music. But in this case, sound is replaced by scent.

Le Compositeur, the bespoke fragrance maker

Le Compositeur de Compoz Parfum en version blanc laqué et chêne naturel
Compoz Parfum’s Le Compositeur is the first smart, natural, bespoke, made in France, ambient scent diffuser. 

More than a virtuoso, this device is a technological jewel. Indeed, it is equipped with a touch screen so you can manually create your very own olfactory “playlist”. In essence, this is a scented partition and the notes are conducted by a dedicated application on your smartphone. The five pods of essential oil inside Le Compositeur can be tuned together to fit the different preferences and desires.


You can choose between twenty-five carefully selected essential oils that come from responsible sourcing or organic products: Ylang Ylang from the Comoro Island, Oud Wood, Neroli, Egyptian Jasmine, Indonesian Patchouli, Fine Lavender from Provence, Bergamot From Calabria, and so on. A way for Compoz Parfum to show its intent to commit to ecological and environmental engagements (sustainability, ecodesigned device, recyclable pods, etc.).

Le Compositeur de Compoz Parfum en version cuir orange
Olfactory playlists can be intuitively created and programmed, depending on what time it is, on the touch screen or via the Compoz application.

This essential oils repertoire sets the tone for about fifty hours thanks to a waterless, cold and alcohol-free diffusing mode that respects the air quality of your home.

Natural Essences – Starting from €25

A timeless yet modern design

Le Compositeur de Compoz Parfum en version noire laqué et chêne
High Perfumery meets French cutting-edge engineering in Le Compositeur.

Le Compositeur is the work of the founders of the brand and the talented designer Alnoor Mitha de Bharat – renowned for his collaborations with Dior, Graff, Hermès and Saint-Laurent – and is a device absolutely made for everyday life. While “being part of the furniture” is not usually a good thing, in this case it shows how Le Compositeur can fit perfectly in every room in your house. The different tones of the diffuser – white or black lacquer, orange or Green Marrs leather, natural or honey oak – bring a touch of modernity to your decoration. 

Le Compositeur de Compoz Parfum en full version noire laquée
Le Compositeur features resolutely modern lines and can be placed vertically as well as horizontally to fit each lifestyle.

Let’s end on a good note: Le Compositeur is a worthwhile smart device, with a design that totally looks the part, and is perfect for budding perfumer wanting to find their own olfactory signature. 

Le Compositeur – Starting from €990