Star Watch 2022 additional Programme: let us all go and see the watch novelties… 

When we talk about additional programme, it is often to show extraordinary things. Here it is the case with the Roger Dubuis and Montblanc novelties. From the Round Table to the glaciers’ exploration, prepare to be amazed by the watch novelties…

By Vincent Daveau

Star Watch 2022: When the watchmaker masters decide to give free rein to their imagination, creations result that make a very strong impression and spectacular watches that are many creations designed to make our wishes come true. Let us see…

Roger Dubuis Excalibur MB Eon Gold 42mm

Since 1995, the audacious Roger Dubuis watches express the Genevese watchmaker’s expertise. 

The Roger Dubuis Excalibur MB EON GOLD 42 mm watch became more elegant when its case got thinner. 

The Roger Dubuis’ watches are equipped with a powerful design that have the hallmarks of the brand: avant-gardism which respects the tradition, originality, innovation, and savoir-faire. The Roger Dubuis’ watches completely belong to Richemont since January 2016 (it partially did before this date), this Maison continually makes attractive its Excalibur piece by offering versions that are always fashionable. 

Ses montres dotés d’un puissant design portent en eux les signatures de la marque : l’avant-gardisme dans le respect de la tradition, l’extravagance, l’innovation et le savoir-faire. Appartenant en totalité au groupe Richemont depuis janvier 2016 (partielle avant cette date), cette maison renouvelle sans cesse l’attractivité de son modèle Excalibur en en proposant des versions toujours dans l’air du temps. 

On the dial or the case back, there is the same concern for an aesthetic skeleton-work on the Excalibur MB EON GOLD.

The Excalibur MB Eon Gold version is part of it. Its 42mm-diameter case made of a stainless gold alloy ensures it to keep its look over the years. It protects its automatic RD 720SQ calibre. This movement with improved performances offers a 72 hour-power reserve thanks to the optimisation of the gear’s teeth and the geometry of the escapement.

MWS-Roger-Dubuis---Excalibur-MB-OR-EON-42-mm--combi 2
The design of the oscillating weight (at the top right-corner) is one of the hallmarks of this piece that matches pink gold and black. 

Moreover, the functioning duration between two maintenances increased thanks to the use of a new lubricant and a regulating organ vibrating at 4 Hertz. As always at Roger Dubuis, these hearts made in limited editions whose components are all finished by hand according to the highest standards of the luxury watches (bevelling, spotting, Côtes de Genève), allow the Manufacture to stamp Poinçon de Genève the whole – or almost – of its production of watches. This piece, a true work of kinetic art, guaranteed water-resistant to 100m to ensure that its owner can keep it in any conditions, is worn on an interchangeable rubber strap.

Price: € 80,500

The EON watch on the Roger Dubuis website

MyWatch’s Roger Dubuis page

Roger Dubuis – Knight of The Round Table Pink Gold 45 mm 

The Excalibur Knights of the Round Table watch, third watch of the well-known collection, is a quest involving among the highest degree of savoir-faire in all that a watch can offer: design, technique, and exclusivity. 

The Knights of the Round Table watch, a Grail for the collectors of the collection. 

Incredibly aesthetic, this reference in rose gold 45 mm-diameter has a very recognisable dial made of 12 micro sculptures of knights, all unique and in motion, are built-in to make striking the realism of the situation. Gathered, they sit around the table -the dial- that is made of Murano glass in the way of a precious jigsaw puzzle needed specific techniques of creation. The dial representing a teared off crust by a red varnish magma in fusion is also made of Murano glass. Under this symbol of unity and equality between the knights becoming what looks like a battlefield to come. Underneath the dial is a high-flying mechanical calibre with modern finishes called RD821. 

Gold Knights and Murano glass, a perfect match… 

On the case back, the completely reworked oscillating weight has a circular finish made of two levels of sloping pyramids intertwining to create a stained-glass effect. Reminiscent of the triangular notches engraved on the outlines of the bezel, this aesthetic and refined design offers a hypnotic view of the movement of the weight oscillating at the heart of this mosaic. 

A bit of reading on the case back of the Knights of the Round Table watch that has written the words of King Arthur… 

The case back is engraved with the famous oath that, according to the myth, was swore by the knights who committed themselves to protect king Arthur: « Around this table will sit equals the bravest of the knights. They will go seek for adventures to right the wrongs, protect the weak and demean the arrogant. » Honouring this legendary commitment while displaying the codes of the modern world, the owner can get in a myth from the past the strength he needs in the present. 

All the Knights of The Round Table watches are different and handmade as we can see in the Frank Sans C video. 

For the first time in the Knights of The Round Table collection, a black calfskin strap equipped with the QRS quick release system makes its substitution easier, while perfecting the luxury dimension of this legendary timepiece designed for the modern knight. Limited to 28 pieces, these pieces stamped Poinçon de Genève are only available in the Roger Dubuis boutiques. Now, and as said the artistic direction of the Manufacture: « a secret is unveiled, a heroic search is started… But a myth does not disappear so easily, and it is the same for the danger. What other enemy can appear suddenly into the bowels of the Earth? ». The enthusiasts will surely know it during the presentation of the watches at the next Watches and Wonders…  

Price: € 346,000 

The Knights of the Round Table watch on the Roger Dubuis website

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Montblanc – 1858 Iced Sea Automatic Date 

The Montblanc 1858 Iced Sea Automatic Date is the very first dive watch of the Montblanc Maison. As a sport watch, it is certified for diving and therefore complies with the ISO 6425 standard. 

The Montblanc 1858 Iced Sea Automatic Date watchhas a dial that shows glaciers. 

To ensure their quality, all the watches are put to the test of the 500 hours in the Mont-Blanc laboratory to ensure: their water-resistance to 300m, their shocks, magnetic fields, and extreme temperature resistance. At that time, they thought that the 41mm-diameter case that has a unidirectional rotating bezel with ceramic insert and contrasting motion work was better for a resistance over time. Robust, it is equipped with a steel case back decorated with a 3D laser engraving that represents an iceberg and a diver exploring the icy waters under its surface.

Effective, this instrument designed for the adventure has a dial available in the 3 colours in which ice can appear (blue, green, and black), flanged with a glacier pattern that gives the impression of looking into the depths of a glacier. The pattern is inspired by the Sea of Ice of the Mont-Blanc Massif. Its texture was achieved using an almost-forgotten ancestral technique called gratté-boisé. Every piece of this collection is powered by a self-winding movement MB24.17 (based on Sellita calibre SW200) and shows hours, minutes, seconds (power indicator) and the date at 3h. Put on a steel bracelet, these watches are provided with a case made of recycled and recyclable material. 

Watch’s technical specifications

360° view of the watch

Price: € 2,980