New boutique in Paris

Rolex on the Champs-Elysées…

It’s done! The world’s most beautiful avenue finally has its own Rolex boutique. And what a boutique! Just like Paris dresses up in lights come Christmas, the Rolex boutique opened by the Dubail family shines like a star in 71 Avenue des Champs Elysées.

By Frank Declerck
Une façade parisienne qui n'est pas sans rappeler la lunette cannelée de certaines montres Rolex.
A Parisian storefront reminding of the fluted bezel of some Rolex watch.

A luxurious space of 300m2 dedicated to Rolex was just opened by the Dubail family on the Champs Elysées. Not unexpected, since Pierre Dubail has had a special relationship with the brand since the sixties and the family already owned a boutique in this spot.

A la tombée de la nuit, il y a de la féérie à la boutique Rolex située au 71, avenue des Champs-Elysées à Paris.
At nightfall, the Rolex boutique located in 71 Avenue des Champs Elysées (Paris) is enchanting.


After some months of construction work (smoothly completed despite the pandemic) the boutique underwent a makeover and saw its coronation. The architects were doubtlessly inspired by the city, the avenue, and the place. More than a boutique, a true luxury case emerged. More than a space, this is a landmark. Where the cognoscenti and novices alike will come discover the history and watches of a brand – created by the visionary Hans Wildorf – that is today a reference of mechanical watches.

The gallery of historic Rolex pictures leading towards the rotunda and the majestic staircase.


Rolex owes most of the innovations that made its reputation to him, whose picture – as a young man – is displayed at the site. A pioneer who bet in 1914 on the wristwatch, convinced that it would overthrow the pocket watch. He was also an incredible creative spirit of the early-stage marketing: to prove the waterproofness of his Rolex Oyster watches, he put one on the wrist of a British swimmer, who crossed the Channel wearing it. Better yet, in the retailers’ storefronts he placed aquariums with seaweeds and goldfish to immerse his watches so that anyone could see they perfectly worked underwater!

Un jardin à la française qui joue à cache-cache avec les lamelles de miroir.
A French formal garden playing hide-and-seek with mirror slides.


Retailers… are also one of the secrets of Rolex’s success. A choice to partner up with watchmaking professionals rather than personally managing their boutiques. Even those that are 100% Rolex. And these relationships formed with the best of the best are unwavering. Like the Dubail family. Pierre and Anne-Marie, then their children Patrice and Isabelle, are among those bearing the colours and the crown of the brand with a commercial exigency on par with the excellency of the products. You need to have green blood to work at Rolex, for Rolex and with Rolex.

A l'étage, le même soin du détail et de la décoration.
Upstairs, the same attention to detail and decoration.


We will not describe again the inherent qualities of Rolex watches as for precision and manufacturing. Our intent is to emphasises that these demanding standards are applied to calibres and boutiques alike. Nothing is left to chance. On the Champs Elysées like in any Rolex boutique worldwide, even the smallest detail composes the style and parades the brand’s spirit. “It’s too much”, some would say. Rather, “C’est juste” as they say in Switzerland. The juste blend of modernity and tradition, luxury and excellence, history and reference.

La galerie historique Rolex se prolonge au deuxième étage.
The historic Rolex gallery continues on the second floor.


Enough talk. One must come to discover the watches collections, the colours and textures, the French formal garden and its mirrors sublimated by the light of the rotunda, the majestic stairway leading to the workshop and the great awing stucco reliefs. One must come to understand the house by leisurely strolling through the gallery of historical photos. One must come to enjoy the kindness, patience and professionalism of the staff, smiling even when a “trendy” lawyer barges in and loudly demands for his watch “under warranty” to be repaired.

This is the Rolex spirit, this is the Dubail spirit, this is what we love.

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