La D de Dior Satine

Smooth as… satin

First watch created by the jewellery side of the House, la D de Dior embodies Victoire de Castellane’s creativity. The artistic director has designed new variations of the “Satine”, which bracelet in Milanese mesh steel is incredibly soft.

By Nicolas Yvon
Like a steel ribbon, la D de Dior boasts a bracelet as flexible and soft as satin.

Victoire de Castellane designs la D de Dior in 2003. She imagines a piece with elegant and sober lines, inspired from men’s models from the 70s, but feminized by the presence of diamonds and precious stones and materials. The watch also exemplifies the talent of master craftsmen who minutely adorned the dial.

Découpe des disques de nacre et sertissage des diamants dans les aciers de la maison Dior.
Be it making mother-of-pearl dials or setting bezels, the artisanal savoir faire sublimate the watches from the Dior collection.

Lacquers with various stunningly deep hues, delicate discs of white, black, pink or blue mother-of-pearl, gemstones such as opal, jade, turquoise, malachite, hawk eye or bull’s eye… La D de Dior is of changing nature, according to seasons and jewellery collections, which she sometimes mirrors.

Mini de D de Dior en or rose avec lunette et couronne serties de diamants
The Mini D de Dior Satine, with its Milanese steel mesh bracelet, shines among the collection since 2016.

Small tributes that can be found for instance on the “Rose des Vents” pieces, completed last year by an edition “Rose Céleste”, decorated by a gorgeous golden sun delicately chiseled (read here our article on this piece). Always perfectly round, la D de Dior is available in diameters of 25, 36 or 38 mm, but also exists in “Mini” variations of 19 mm, true jewellery pieces that give the time.

La D de Dior Satine, a steel ribbon on your wrist 

The charm of la D de Dior is also found in the bracelet. Such as for the “Satine” models, introduced in the collection in 2016. We filmed one of the “Mini” versions of these models from every angle, which you can find underneath or on our page MyWatchTV.

La Mini D de Dior meticulously filmed in our video, which can be found on MyWatchTV.

What makes them special? A bracelet flaunting the typical lustrousness and flexibility of the Milanese mesh with a textured pattern as delicate as inventive. Resulting in – and this is truly mind-blowing – a fabric-like softness… We now understand these references’ name.

La D de Dior a été conçue comme un ruban de métal
Wearing La Mini D de Dior Satine feels like wearing a ribbon.

La Mini D de Dior en acier ou en rose
In steel or rose gold, la Mini D de Dior is in the spotlight at the House’s ateliers.

If the tactile result is of an unexpected softness, the artisanal manufacturing process is somewhat raw. Indeed, the mesh – constituted of interlocking small metal links – is milled by a machine endlessly reproducing the pattern on the whole surface.

Fabrication d'un bracelet en maille milanaise pour la D de Dior en or rose
Milanese mesh is composed of many links woven together to form the bracelet.

Wonderfully executed by the master artisan, this process gives the bracelet its satin-touch. But this is not the sole benefit: by modelling the surface with repeated micro-grooves seemingly at random, the steel can better catch the light. And therefore, wonderfully interact with light reflections at each movement.

Le bracelet en maille milanaise en fabriquée en or rose ou en acier inoxydable
The remarkable shine and flexibility of the Milanese mesh.

Five new references la D de Dior Satine

The collection has grown at the end of the year with new editions on Milanese mesh.

Les Mini D de Dior bicolores en acier et or jaune ou or rose sont serties de diamants sur la lunette
The new bicolour la Mini D de Dior Satine boast bezels set with diamonds to illuminate their red lacquer or white mother-of-pearl dials (€5 800).

Among them we find bicolour la Mini D de Dior Satine set with diamonds, combining stainless steel to yellow gold (white mother-of-pearl dial) and to rose gold (red lacquer dial). But also some versions with non-set bezels, embossed with a textured pattern imitating fabric and matching the bracelet (white or pink mother-of-pearl dial).

Mini D de Dior en acier à lunette et bracelet frappés de motifs textiles en relief
La Mini D de Dior flaunts for the first time a steel bezel with a textured pattern matching the bracelet (€2 800).

The last novelty is a lovely la D de Dior Satin “Tiger’s Eye” in steel, yellow gold and diamonds, with a bewitching dial made of brown hues, shimmering glints, and multiple minuscule grooves. Thanks to its ornamental stone with protection virtues, this edition is not only an attractive watch, but also a precious amulet to wear everyday…

La D de Dior Satine Œil de Tigre et son fascinant cadran en pierre ornementale
La D de Dior Satine boasts a bewitching dial in tiger’s eye, an ornamental stone with precious virtues… (€7 800).

Find all details on the new models la D de Dior Satine in our watch data sheets.