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Summer jewellery

Whether they are the season's must have or the editors' favourite, pieces of jewellery have the ways and means to complete an outfit, to liven up a look or to jazz up a silhouette. With the current "mix and match" trend, jewels can be paired up for a trendier and deconstructed look or worn on their own for more simplicity. From real jewellery to rather fantasy pieces, here are a few essential accessories that must be worn this summer.

By Chloé Redler

Cartier, Dior, Isabelle Langlois, Rosa Maïtena, Hipanema, Boucheron, Gucci, Tasaki, Dubail, Lassaussois, Redline – all the jewellery brands released their summer collection summer jewellery.

The Panthère by Cartier

Le bracelet Panthère de Cartier, le bijou de l'été
The emblematic collection Panthère de Cartier takes the form of a bangle adorned with a mesmerizing feline, one the prowl to become one of this summer’s iconic jewellery.

The panther – Cartier’s totem animal which was reinterpreted time and time again – wraps around the wrist to create the Maison’s new bangle. Six different versions of the bracelet were released, including a shining yellow gold one, and pairing them up is a “must”, right?. The feline’s eyes are represented by two emeralds, an onyx symbolizes its nose and its head is covered by 184 brilliant cut diamonds. Better still, this jewellery piece can be customized by engraving the interior with initials or a date or by embossing the red case that comes with it. It is the perfect gift ideas to make a special someone very, very happy.

Les trois déclinaisons de la Panthère de Cartier
Whether they are polished, diamond-paved on the head or diamond-paved on the head and tail, the three “Panthère de Cartier” bracelets are absolutely mesmerizing. The best way to wear them: pairing  them up.

Starting from €7,650 – 

The pompoms by Dior

The J’Adior bracelets are reinvented for the season in a travel-inspired variation. The destination ‘MYKONOS’ and the ‘CHRISTIAN DIOR’ signature adorn the navy blue and raspberry cotton. 

From the Toile de Jouy to the Dior Oblique motif, the new Dioriviera capsule and its citrus colours – designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri (read our Dior sets up in Mykonos article) – released a series of accessories that evokes summertime, such as the J’Adior bracelets. These navy blue and raspberry cotton wristbands are sold in pairs and are embroidered with the Christian Dior signature as well as the name of the holiday destinations: Mykonos, Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Capri and Ibiza. The models are unisex as they can easily be adjusted to fit every wrist thanks to slide fastenings with pompoms. You can wear them on their own or paired up!

€350 –

The Bees by Isabelle Langlois

Les abeilles d'Isabelle Langlois
Similar to a precious swarm of bees, Isabelle Langlois’ bees buzz around on a jacket, a pretty dress or a bag. This summer jewellery can be indefinitely combined.

Cherished by Isabelle Langlois, the bee pollinates the creator’s new lapel pin collection. Two signature cultured pearls symbolize the body of the insect, and the small accessory features a pair of wings made of rose gold adorned with gemstones. Peridot, rhodolite, citrine, London Blue topaz and diopside bring colour and pep to the summer look and break the rules of traditional High Jewellery. It is very hard to choose between all these adorable combinations.

Starting from €365 –

The Butterfly by Dubail

La bracelet de la collection Papillon by Dubail
This delicate rose gold bracelet – which is the perfect illustration of Dubail’s French workshops’ savoir-faire – is adorned with two butterflies set with diamonds.

This refined bracelet, made of rose gold by Dubail’s Parisian workshops, will look fantastic this summer on a slightly bronzed skin. This poetic piece represents the eponymous family’s passion for gemstones and thus sports two butterflies set with diamonds which flutter above the wrist with every movement. But don’t go running after butterfly just yet! This “by Dubail” line also metamorphoses into rings, necklaces and pendants.

€8,900 –

La Bonne Étoile by Rosa Maïtea

Les bijoux de l'été accueillent sa "Bonne Étoile" de chez Rosa Maïtena
Thanks to the brand Rosa Maïtea, everyone will be able to find their “Lucky star”.

In an effort to make the universe of High Jewellery more ethical and transparent, the brand Rosa Maïtea – founded by Patricia Pereda – is always reinventing itself. Made of entirely traceable recycled gold, diamonds and small gemstones, the “La Bonne Étoile” collection includes sixteen very poetic jewels. The Arcoiris – or “rainbow” – recycled yellow gold ring is the best example: it is extraordinarily colourful with its spinels and garnets. It makes quite the star-studded piece, available from 7 July at Galeries Lafayette in Paris until the end of the year.

€995 (large model ring) – 

The tassels by Hipanema

Les créoles Cloé d'Hipanema sont les bijoux de l'été par excellence
Hipanema’s large hoop earrings – the ultimate summer jewellery – wonderfully represent the boho-chic trend that has been going on for a few seasons.

Hipanema – the perfect summer jewellery brand – embellishes the emblematic large hoop earrings by giving it a boho-chic look. A large gold plated model, the “Cloé Gold” earrings are entirely handmade and decorated with tassels – set with crystal sticks reminiscent of the shine of diamonds – as well as a semi-precious round Labradorite in the middle. A chain pompom and small turquoise-colour beads also ornament the piece.

€115 –

The Tourbillon by Lassaussois

Lassaussois’ Tourbillon – a whirlwind-like white gold and diamonds cuff bracelet.

Real success this season, this oversize cuff bracelet caused quite the sensation on the latest runaways. Lassaussois understood this perfectly when releasing its Tourbillon model. The white gold openwork circles and diamonds intertwine like a tornado on the bracelet. The piece can either be worn up or down the arm for a trendier and quirkier look. This free-spirited accessory will liven up a white or liberty dress.

€21,000 –

La Flèche du Temps by Boucheron

La puce d'oreille Flèche du Temps de Boucheron
Alexa Chung – one of Boucheron’s ambassadors – absolutely embodies the Flèche du Temps collection.

The new Boucheron stud earring pierces right through our heart with its white gold arrow, carefully paved with round diamonds. This earring – which is sold individually – is a shot at modernity because of the atypical and modern way it is worn. At My-Watchsite, we like the fineness of the lines of the piece and of the collection altogether – which also comprises a claps-free bracelet and an ultra-flexible necklace, that can be put on very easily.

€15,000 –

The Link to Love by Gucci

Les Link To Love de Gucci s'accumulent au gré des envies
The graphic and structured design of Link To Love pieces can bring eccentricity and sophistication to a rather simple outfit.

The “mix and match” trend makes total sense with Gucci’s latest gender-neutral line. There is no other choice than to pair up all the variations of the bracelets and rings! With three gold colours available – yellow, white and rose gold – the models are reminiscent of the design of the eccentric jewels from the 1980s while also being brought up-to-date. With its octagonal shape to represent the number eight – the infinity symbol – the pieces showcase a myriad of different finishes – mirrored, studded, carefully engraved stripped or set with gemstones. We don’t like it. We love it!

Starting from €790 –

The Balance by Tasaki

La bague "Balance" de Tasaki et ses sept perles de nacre Akoya
The perfect balance of Akoya pearls viewed by Tasaki.

Founded in 1954, Tasaki knows perfectly how to combine yellow gold and Akoya nacre pearls. Designed by Thakoon Panichgul, the very minimalist and graphic “Balance” collection walks the fine line between precious metals and pearls. The Maison released a yellow gold asymmetrical ring adorned with four small Akoya pearls which contrast with three larger pearls. The deconstructed design gives the ring its elegance and sophistication for a harmonious summer look.

€5,110 –

The Illusion by Redline

Le bracelet Illusion Twin de Redline
Redline – famous for its emblematic red string – gives the choice between 85 other colours such as fluorescent pink, lagoon green, peony, licorice, champagne or even grey stone.

Guiding thread of the Parisian maison Redline, the extremely resistant famous piece sees double with the Illusion Twin model. The two intertwined strings are adorned with seven diamonds secured on an invisible round setting. Available in four gold colours – yellow, rose, white and black gold – this jewellery is like a chameleon with its over eighty-five different shades. To make your customized bracelet, you can choose between each and every possible combination. And you can thread your way through the endless possibilities, as you can change the shade by making an appointment at the Parisian workshop.

Le bracelet Illusion Twin de Redline
The Illusion Twin bracelet represents Redline’s customization game: you can choose the colour of the thread and of the gold, the shape of the jewel, and so much more.

€320 – 

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