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TAG Heuer (re)opens a boutique within Le Bon Marché

Located since 2013 on the first floor of the famous Parisian store and revealed on September 8, the TAG Heuer boutique has a new face. Redesigned, expanded and revamped, the new place is ready to welcome true fans of the Maison or just visitors.

By Chloé Redler
La nouvelle boutique TAG Heuer au Bon Marché Rive Gauche
The Swiss Watchmaker opened a new boutique on the first floor of Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche. An entirely new and expanded 58m2 store.

“We’re happy to reopen the doors of our emblematic boutique within Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche in Paris. A strategic city for TAG Heuer, with dynamic clients and real watchmaking’s connoisseurs, the brand has real potential there” said Frederic Arnault, CEO of TAG Heuer.

New TAG Heuer boutique: a design true to the brand’s DNA 

From the boutique’s door, the TAG Heuer universe presents itself. The decor, eclectic but thoroughly considered, is the result between the automotive world, intimately linked to the manufacture, and extreme sports, like diving. Steve McQueen’s photograph, taken during the Le Mans film of 1971, hangs next to collectible books, mini emblematic sports cars, and a clock representing the TAG Heuer Monaco’s dial (of which we’re secretly jealous).

La nouvelle boutique TAG Heuer au Bon Marché Rive Gauche
Decorated with photos, books, and souvenirs, the place invites the visitor to dive into the TAG Heuer legacy. 

The wall is decorated with a big poster of a diver from the new TAG Heuer Aquaracer “Beyond the Edge” campaign. Everything is there, or almost everything.

L'intérieur de la nouvelle boutique TAG Heuer au Bon Marché Rive Gauche
The TAG Heuer boutique displays a selection of new watches and others from existing collections. 

These objects, like “precious” souvenirs, are installed in a very contemporary decor with subtle chrome and black shades of luminous grey. It is in contrast with bright lights like yellow, orange or red with an electric blue touch. Like a TAG Heuer timepiece, the furniture mixes materials with polished, brushed or oval-finish. The manufacture touch can be found on the pendant lights that beautify the whole decor.

La décoration de la nouvelle boutique TAG Heuer au Bon Marché Rive Gauche
Historical pieces from the TAG Heuer museum in Switzerland will be displayed to illustrate the manufacture’s history. 

A luxury case for the TAG Heuer collections

The most important part is TAG Heuer beautiful display window that presents new models and existing collections. It allows us to admire the stunning TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 designed for extreme diving (read our article on diving watches), or the very sophisticated Heuer Ref. 844 in a limited edition (seen on Frank Sans C video) and the Night Diver version.

Let’s also mention the square-shaped Monaco collection, the steel Carrera new edition, and the innovative TAG Heuer Connected that loyal customers will rediscover.

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“By implementing this new boutique design in France, we hope to offer Parisian and foreign visitors an immersive and memorable experience that will allow them to discover different aspects of our brand and iconic collections of our watches” said Frédéric Arnault, CEO of TAG Heuer.

TAG Heuer Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche:

24 Rue de Sèvres
75007 Paris
First floor, Espace Horloger

Open hours:

From Monday to Saturday: 10:00 – 20:00
Sunday 11:00 – 20:00

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