The world of Roger Dubuis unveiled in its new advertising campaign

By MyWatch
With extraordinary imagination and daring magic, each of the four visuals reveals a different face of the geneva watchmaker and the genes of the company whose reputation has been built on the excellence of its unique collections.
One of the widely recognised qualities of the ROGER DUBUIS brand is its ability to make people dream. Since it was founded in 1995, the Haute Horlogerie Manufacture has always been looking for ways to surprise. Its willingness to embrace fantasy and imagination has inspired the company’s craftsmen to produce a series of highly creative models that have laid the foundations of a new genre of watchmaking. The new collections La Monégasque, Excalibur, Pulsion and Velvet have been born in a totally distinctive, dream-like universe and their four worlds are powerfully interpreted in the new ROGER DUBUIS advertising campaign. It is an eloquent testimony to the spirit of invention that has infused the brand from its inception.
To design images that capture the strength, fire, contemporary spirit, aesthetic originality, technical excellence and seductive power of the ROGER DUBUIS brand was indeed a demanding challenge. Several months of research were required to translate its DNA into sufficiently powerful elements and symbols. Focusing on the fact that all its models are Manufacture-designed, all the elements of the illustrations were individually reworked in-house. To move from concept to execution, the new Creative Director, Alvaro Maggini, called on a group of Brazilian artists who are among the world’s best in 3D design. Working closely together to create an imaginary universe that is both alarming and inspiring, they conceived a campaign that breaks away from traditional Haute Horlogerie communication. Like film directors, they focused their efforts on creating something unique, full of references and clues to discover and interpret. To do justice to its exceptional watches, ROGER DUBUIS had to produce monumental, dramatic advertising.
Each unique visual symbolises a collection and a world in a particular colour : red for the Player, bronze for the Warrior, blue for the Venturer and purple for the Diva. Starting in a place that represents the past and tradition, we move towards modernity, technology and the future : from a world that seems to be asleep to one that is an open door to renewal. All developed from a single concept, these four versions reach out to a public hungry for strong emotions and fascinating images. When our eyes get lost in the intricacies of the visuals, our imagination takes over and draws us into the extraordinary universe of ROGER DUBUIS.
The first setting is the world of the Player, the world of La Monégasque collection. A luxurious room in a palatial mansion full of stories and mysterious references, decorated with sculptures and Roman columns, opens up to this compelling environment. As in watchmaking, the key words here are passion and elegance combined with strong emotions. Monaco and its casino feel close – all we have to do is push open the door…
The second setting is that of the Warrior, emitting a feeling of strength, energy and discipline that is echoed in the Excalibur collection. Its strength is symbolised by a world tucked away in the unforgiving rocks of Ireland where flashes of lightning illuminate a medieval castle, terrifying the wild horses of the valley. The knight evokes the nobility of combat, bravery, beautiful movements, precision, and the quest for excellence. The sword alone evokes mastery, choreographed power and the Celtic legends lodged deep in the collective subconscious, perfectly capturing the spirit of the Excalibur collection by ROGER DUBUIS.
The third visual depicts the world of the Venturer, representing the watches in the Pulsion collection. The setting has strong echoes of spy films, and the action takes place in a large, well stocked library decorated with noble wood, leather and unusual objects. In the past, the spy would have cracked the code in the books but here he has evolved into an agent equipped with ultra-modern technology. He finds the secret door, manages to unlock it and enters a world of clean, contemporary design. Flirting with danger, the intelligent, athletic Venturer gets his adrenaline flowing, determined to achieve his mission whatever methods are required. It is enough to look closely near the desk to see that nothing and nobody can resist him… The image gives off a feeling of tension and self-control, perfectly representing the design codes of the Pulsion collection.
The fourth image is the world of the Diva and the Velvet models. In a misty, intriguing atmosphere at the foot of a monumental staircase sculpted with terrifying horses, the door opens to reveal a woman: the elegant, passionate Diva. She moves along a hidden passage towards her most private secrets. The heavy air of mystery that surrounds her adds to her mystical charm and the majestic surroundings conceal objects, animals, shadows and threatening spirits. This is the enigmatic world that has produced the Velvet collection, a genuine homage to femininity.
Alvaro Maggini, Creative Director of ROGER DUBUIS, says, “People need more dream and fewer words. We have to take their imagination on a journey and this is what makes our campaign so striking. The passages invite you to open the door to mystery, to discover unsuspected places. The images themselves are enigmas that seem to say ‘The story continues…!’ ” In fact, future campaigns will enable people to resolve each of the mysteries in the visuals.
This campaign has already been applauded by professionals and nominated for prestigious awards. A series of films will be produced to accompany the advertisements : the first is a thrilling story that features the Pulsion collection, starring Tomer Sisley, the hero of Largo Winch. All ROGER DUBUIS communications (catalogues, press releases, website, etc.) will reflect the design codes of the advertising campaign.
“I hope this campaign will leave its mark” says Jean-Marc Pontroué, CEO of the brand. “It offers depth, vision and an original hook for each of our collections. It creates an atmosphere that is monumental but intimate at the same time, allowing us to tell stories. It will be an essential part of our Haute Horlogerie communications strategy. Given all the incidental details slipped into the visuals, the puzzle should take quite some time to solve.”
ROGER DUBUIS has been at the forefront of contemporary Haute Horlogerie since 1995. Its audacious creations, firmly anchored in the 21st century, bear the mark of all the savoir-faire and expertise of the finest watchmaking mechanisms combined with powerful and daring designs. Boldness and extravagance are the brand’s signatures, and determination its engine. Rich in conceptual creativity and mechanical detail, its collections are inspired by four different worlds: the Player, the Warrior, the Venturer and the Diva. The ROGER DUBUIS product lines La Monégasque, Excalibur, Pulsion and Velvet are distributed worldwide through an exclusive sales network and boutiques. The quest for excellence, the long search for the right gesture, the development of unique skills are all constants of the Geneva based Swiss Maison, which is part of the Richemont Group since 2008. The fully integrated Manufacture ROGER DUBUIS is the only watchmaker in the world to have all of its precious timepieces embossed with the Poinçon de Genève, a guarantee of finest craftsmanship.
  • The world of the Diva for the Roger Dubuis Velvet.
  • The world of the Warrior for the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Tourbillon.
  • The world of the Player for the Roger Dubuis La Monégasque.
  • The world of the Venturer for the Roger Dubuis Pulsion.
  • The world of the Diva for the Roger Dubuis Velvet.