Object of desire

And if the Panthère were a bag…

Cartier is getting out its claws and unveiling the new Panthère de Cartier bag. Designed by the Maison's artistic director, Marlin Yuson, this very couture accessory comes in two models and four colours, elegantly highlighted by its ambassador, the American actress Lily Collins. Focus.

By Chloé Redler

Domesticated in the 1940s by Cartier’s famous artistic director, Jeanne Toussaint, the panther has become the totem animal of the luxury Maison. Watches, jewels and accessories, the panther has taken part in the collections over the decades, dominating and imposing its mark. Now emblematic of Cartier, its signature stroke caresses the brand’s new signature bag.

L'actrice Lily Collins, ambassadrice du nouveau sac Panthère de Cartier.
The actress Lily Collins, ambassador of the new Panthère de Cartier bag.

The Panthère de Cartier bag leaves its mark

Like prey, we are in the grip of this new accessory that makes us roar with pleasure. We are easily captured by its structured and graphic design. Its minimalist trapezoid format gives way to the clasp that makes the model so original.

Le fermoir-bijou-bijou du nouveau sac Panthère de Cartier
The jewelry clasp features a stylized C-shaped panther, the moulding of which gives it life and movement.

Conceived and crafted in concert with Cartier’s Haute Joaillerie workshops, this bangle with a stylized panther’s head sits proudly on the clasp. Bringing this elegant and mysterious feline to life, its shape reminiscent of the Cartier C, required many hours of work. Profiled, moulded and polished, the animal with black lacquer spots seems to stand guard over this calfskin bag with its undulating grain and remarkable shine that only the leatherworker has the secret.

Two sizes, two looks

Without a doubt, this precious jewel clasp brings character to the ensemble. It is delicately affixed to bag’s flap which imitates the elegant and beautiful undulation of the fawn’s gait.

To design the Panthère bag, Marlin Yuson relied on the jewelry expertise of the Maison’s workshops and on te choice of an exceptional leather.

Available in small or mini models, this haute couture edition comes in four timeless and iconic Cartier colours: intense cherry red, deep black, dark green and light pink. Moreover, this last color is associated with a silver instead of gold clasp.

Les quatre coloris du nouveau sac Panthère de Cartier
Two sizes and four colors, the Panthère de Cartier bag is timeless and stylish.

All versions have two interior compartments, one of which is equipped with a mirror. Worn by hand or as a cross body, this signature bag is set to become the new it-bag of the season.

Panthère de Cartier – Small model: €3,000
Panthère de Cartier – Mini model: €2,600


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